Keep your workers safe at height with our fall prevention equipment. Whether you need a safety harness, lanyard or carabiner clips, we have the equipment you need. Order from Astral Hygiene today.

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Fully adjustable work positioning belt with side D-rings and quick release buckle. CE Certified, with adjustable waist for a perfect fit. Buy Online today for fast UK delivery.

FP10 - Portwest 2 Point Harness Plus. Ergonomic, lightweight basic harness with a sliding dorsal D-Ring. Features two chest D-Rings and flat bar buckles that are easy to use and fail safe. Constructed using nylon webbing straps. The chest and leg adjusters offer excellent fit and user comfort.

FP11 - Portwest 1 Point Harness. Lightweight entry level harness suitable for fall arrest and work restraint systems. It features a rear D-ring and adjustable sliding buckle system on the leg straps and chest strap for a secure fit.

FP12 - Portwest 2 Point Harness. Lightweight harness with a sliding dorsal D-Ring. Features two chest loops and an adjustable quick release chest strap. Constructed using polyester webbing straps.

FP14 - Portwest 2 Point Harness Comfort. Ergonomic harness with a sliding dorsal D-Ring. Features a breathable contoured backpad, two side D-Rings and flat bar buckles which are easy to use and fail safe. Constructed using polyester straps for ultimate durability. The waist, chest and leg adjusters offer excellent fit and user comfort.

FP15 - Portwest 2 Point Harness. This full body harness features a quick release system and a breathable contoured back pad, making it very comfortable and easy to put on.  The harness also has an extended D-ring shoulder strap arrangement for easy dorsal fitting as well as two side D-rings.  conforms to EN 358, EN 361.

FP18 - Portwest 3 Point Harness Comfort Plus. This universal fall arrest harness incorporates all of your fall arrest and protection needs in one.  It is fully adjustable and features two side D-rings, sliding dorsal D-rings, two lower back rings and two setting loops.

FP21 Single Lanyard with carabiner and scaffold hook. This lanyard is manufactured in 150cm polyester rope.  It is fitted with a carabiner and a scafold hook.  It is compatible with all fall arrest equipment.  This lanyard holds a maximum of 10kN.  conforms too EN354. Constructed from Polyester rope.

FP22 - Adjustable Restraint Lanyard. The Portwest collection of lanyards are for restraint, positioning and fall arrest systems. Available in different lengths and material types including rope, webbing and elasticated webbing for ultimate wearer choice.

Single lanyard with shock absorber, double lock snap lock and scaffolding hook. This lanyard is 180 cm in total, including 120cm rope, tear open energy absorber, snap hook and a scaffold hook. Features, Max rated load 100kg, Retail box which aids presentation for retail sales, CE certified.

FP25 - Double Lanyard With Shock Absorber. The double end lanyard has two 120cm ropes with a tear open energy absorber, two scaffold hooks and one snap hook. 180cm in total including scaffold hooks and snap hook.

FP27 - 10 Metre Static Rope. Kernmantle 12mm diameter static rope with a high strength low stretch capacity. Won't tangle ideal for a range of uses including high speed lines. Buy Online Today!

FP28 - 15 Metre Static Rope. 12mm diameter kernmantle static rope. Ideal for use with Portwest detachable rope grab. Kernmantle rope is a low stretch, high strength rope with a tightly woven mantle skin that prevents the product from untangling. Making this product acceptable for all uses including running a speed line.

FP30 - Carabiner. This standard oval carabiner from Portwest is forged from strong heat treated steel and features a screw lock. . Oval forged steel carabiner with a break load of 25kN. Length 106mm with an opening of 19mm.

FP34 - Tool Lanyard. Essential for anyone working at height, the tool lanyard can be attached to the user's wrist or person. This can be done using the carabiner or elasticated drawstring, leaving the other end attached to your tool. Pack of 10

FP35 - Scaffold Hook. Portwest scaffold hook. 235mm long with 50mm gate opening. Breaking load 25kN. Buy Online Today for Fast UK Delivery.

12mm detachable rope grab, essential for working at height. Locks in event of fall protecting the user from descending further. Attachment ring allows lanyard to be attached. Buy Online Today!

FP40 - Web Fall Arrest Block. 3 metre Dyneema webbing fall arrest block with carabiner and double safety lock snap hook.  Dyneema is a ultra high molecular weight polyethylene material, making it extremely strong.  Lifeline extends to 3 metres. 24 hour Shipping Available in UK.

Fall arrest block with steel wire rope 10 metres when fully extended. This fall arrest block comprises of a retractable lifeline made of 4.8mm wire rope which is stored on a reel within a protective housing. The reel is spring-based to wind the retractable lifeline in. The reel incorporates an inertia brake mechanism, which allows the lifeline to be slowly extracted and automatically retracted to accommodate the user’s body movements. It also comprises of a swivel snap hook with a double safety lock and fall indicator.

FP48 - Self Retract Lifeline. High strength, lightweight webbing lifeline. Self retracting, with a carabiner, swivel snap lock and load indicator. 24 hour UK Shipping Available.

FP50 - Webbing Lanyard With Shock Absorber. Single polyester webbing lanyard with energy absorber, self locking carabiner and scaffold hook. 24 hour shipping UK wide.

FP51 - Double Webbing Lanyard With Shock Absorber. Double webbing lanyard with energy absorber, two scaffold hooks and a self lock carabiner. Fast 24 hour UK wide shipping available with this item.

FP52 - Double Elasticated lanyard With Shock Absorber. Hi Vis elasticated double lanyard with shock absorber, scaffold hooks and carabiner. 24 hour UK Delivery Available.

FP62 - Fall Arrest Kit. Fall Arrest kit containing 2 point harness (FP12) and single lanyard (FP23), with a black nylon bag for storage. Fast UK Delivery Available - 24 hours.

FP64 - Scaffolding Kit. This multi use harness and lanyard kit can be used for work areas requiring fall arrest protection or work restraint. A leading supplier of quality work wear, 24 hour delivery as standard.

FP98 - PW Stop Trauma Straps. Portwest's stop trauma straps are an essential part of any fall arrest kit to prevent damage to circulation after a fall arrest has occurred. Fast 24 hour UK Mainland Delivery as standard.

FP99 - Nylon Drawstring Bag. 4200 Nylon PU coated drawstring bag for fall protection kits. This versatile drawstring bag is high strength yet lightweight, making it ideal for securely holding your fall protection products.

The Endurance Badge Holder Helmet is modelled on our best-selling PS55 Endurance Helmet. Innovative additional features include a badge holder which is ultra-sound welded onto the ABS helmet shell. Made from flame resistant polycarbonate, the badge holder has a slide opening for easy and secure storage of badges. Ideal for identification, wearer information and site access by an electronic badge. 4 points chin strap included and vented for extra air-flow.