We stock a full range of 40cm paper napkins perfect for the hospitality and catering industries. Available in a range of colours including black, white, blue, buttermilk, purple, yellow and green. Check out our product range below and buy online today.

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3ply Napkins - Swantex Superior Quality 40cm Napkins x 1000

3ply White Swantex Napkins x 1000. Very high quality, good robust, strong napkins. Available in 4 fold and 8 fold. Buy today.

Swantex 2 ply Essential Black Napkin. High quality black napkin, with deep black dye.

Looking for a different kind of effect? This green could be the one to add some mystique to your party table?

Kraft 100% Recycled 40cm Napkins - Buy Online Today!

Enhance the presentation of meals and snacks with this 40cm, 2 ply Essential Red Napkin, manufactured to suit every venue and budget. These vibrant and deep coloured Red napkins will provide sophisticated elegance to any party! 40cm 2 Ply Red x 2000. Our High quality 2ply tissue Red disposable paper napkins. These are available in a wide range of colours to co-ordinate with table cover and banquet roll table coverings, providing the ultimate table setting for all occasions.

Beautifully unique 40cm 2ply Napkins, packed in cases of 2000.

Devon Cream 2 ply Napkins x 2000 . Now available in 33cm & 40cm 2 ply. These quality napkins are ideal for use in any café, bistros or casual restaurants.

40cm 2 ply White Napkins, 2000 in a case.

Everyday 2-ply 40cm Yellow napkins available in a range of colours. Produced using two layers of tissue held together by a distinctive edge embossed pattern. Ideal for hotels/restaurants and bars. Deep Tone Yellow Essentials 2000 napkins per case