Astral Hygiene have a wide range of janitorial products to choose from, including cleaning products suitable for a number of different environments. Check out our selection below and order online today.

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YH09 - Jeyes Super Concentrated Glass Cleaner

YH04 - Superconcentrated Odour Neutraliser and Air Freshener.

Stiff Brush with Natural Fibres - In 3 sizes!

Wooden Handle for Brush/Mop

Jeyes Easy Pine Liquid Toilet Cleaner effectively cleans, kills germs and freshens.

Soft Natural Coco Fibre Brush

Astral Hygiene stocks extra-long handles as standard to accommodate any height of the user. Available in a range of colours. Order online today.

Swan Neck Strong Toilet Cleaner 1ltr. A high strength cleaner and descaler, which removes lime scale and organic deposits.

Very effective, ready to use, cleaner and degreaser that easily removes ingrained soiling with a neutral pH.

Effective bactericidal cleaning for all catering, healthcare & other hygiene critical areas. Achieves BS EN 1276 for high-level cleaning.

Bactericidal Detergent is specially formulated detergent that passes BS EN 1040 under clean conditions. It kills 99.99% of germs and bacteria. Seldet Bactericidal can be used only for sanitisation.

The original biological urinal blocks - eats through uric acid build up like magic!