Keep your hands protected while cleaning your kitchen with our range of rubber gloves. We have both latex and nitrile gloves for you to choose from, as well as household rubber gloves. 

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IN STOCK NOW! Disposable vinyl gloves are suited to medical environments and are manufactured to a high AQL 1.5 medical grade standard. They are powder free and provide a superior resistance to chemicals, cuts and tears. Available in an easy open box of 100

Astral Hygiene supply economy household gloves to cleaning and janitorial professionals. These are excellent quality, highly durable rubber gloves.

Astral Hygiene supply powder free latex gloves - disposable latex gloves are packed in boxes of 100. Manufactured from natural latex which is flexible for improved feel and fit reducing fatigue. Latex gloves provides an excellent protective barrier due to their durability and integrity while remaining comfortable to wear and easy to put on.

Blue/Black Nitrile Gloves, Medical grade 100% Ideal alternative for latex. Latex free and powder free minimises the risk of latex protein and chemical residue related allergies.