Check out our range of concentrated cleaning products ideal for businesses, schools and healthcare. Our concentrated cleaning chemicals are highly valued by our customers as they weigh less than our 5ltr products, are easier store and handle and are environmentally friendly to transport. Order online today.

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Machine Dishwash 20 Litre, specially developed for both hard and soft water areas. If you're on the coast and your dishes are not coming out sparkling clean swap to this product. Specifically formulated to be effective in both hard and soft water areas.

Cidox Chlorine Dioxide Disinfection Tablets uses the power of ClO2 to make a high level sporicidal disinfection solution that is more powerful, yet uses 10 times less chemicals than equivalent chlorine tablets or bleach.

Multi-surface, unperfumed, cleaner and disinfectant.Kills bacteria and yeast and has virucidal activity against enveloped viruses (e.g. Coronaviruses).Buy Online today, for fast delivery.

Concentrated air freshener and fabric deodoriser. Contains a patented ingredient which counteracts malodours and enables the perfume to deliver a long lasting fragrance.Buy Online today, for fast delivery.

Highly fragranced, multi-surface acidic cleaner. Kills bacteria and yeast and has virucidal activity against enveloped viruses (e.g. Coronaviruses). Buy Online today, for fast delivery.

Floor Maintainer Concentrate High quality concentrated spray cleaning concentrate containing polymer and wax to add shine and durability to polished floors. Can be damp mopped and then will respond to burnishing with a soft / medium pad. Buy Online today, for fast delivery.

Floral Disinfectant Concentrate Kills smells and malodours, leaves fresh floral atmosphere. Contains a broad spectrum quaternary biocide. As a general disinfectant for floors, walls and drains in hospitals, schools, nursing homes, offices and factories etc.

Glass Cleaner Concentrate Advanced formula ensures a smear-free finish. Free from abrasives – will not damage delicate surfaces. Ammonia free – pleasant and easy to use.A Follow the pictorial guide on the bottle

Pelican dispenser for 5ltr bottle, dispenses 30ml dose per pump and sometimes referred to as ounce-o-matic pumps. This pelican pump dispenser attaches onto all 5 litre bottles of chemicals and many others as this is a screw on, attachable 5 litre dispenser pump comes with an adjustable fitting that will attach to 99% of other branded chemicals. It allows for consistent average measuring of 5l chemicals going into buckets and other dispensers when being diluted with water.

For quick and easy compliance, Suma Bac D10 Smartdose combines kitchen surface cleaning and disinfection in one step. With Suma Bac detergent disinfectant, you remove microorganisms such as bacteria, yeast and viruses as effectively as grease and dried-on soil. Check method and dosing instructions for optimal, safe results. BS EN1276 Certified.

Pleasantly perfumed concentrated all round washroom cleaner. Contains powerful bactericide. Effectively kills bacteria on all hand touch surfaces - taps, toilet flush handles, door handles etc.