Astral Hygiene supply a number of floor scrubber and polisher machines from well trusted brands such as Numatic and TASKI. We offer a wide range light and heavy duty industrial and domestic floor polishers and buffers with a choice of machine to suit all.

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The LoLine range of low profile floor machines has been developed to be smaller in size, lighter in weight, compact and convenient in storage whilst, at the same time, being quick and easy to use without loss of performance. Order from Astral Hygiene today.

Providing cordless convenience, 18L capacity and 400mm scrub width in a compact design. Fast and easy to use, easy to fill, easy to empty, easy to put away and easy for the customers to see who looks after their floors. Order today from your trusted Numatic Dealer!


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Nuspeed NR1500S - Numatic Floor Scrubber Machine is part of a new generation of floor maintenance machines which utilises a new drive system which allows a huge 50% increase in power output. Features A.T.C Technology which stands for automatic torque control, this allows the unit to deliver more torque when required automatically for different load conditions.


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A high solids metallised polish for extreme strength and durability coupled with ease of removability with non-yellowing cross linked polymer film which will not discolour even the light floor.

The TASKI ergodisc 1200 is an ultra-high-speed single disc machine for ultra-high-speed burnishing. Ultra-high-speed single disc machine –for ultra-high-speed burnishing. The ergodisc 1200 is especially suited for buffing, spray cleaning and burnishing. Designed for speed A brilliant shine in half the time. Ease of use (straight-line action) and ultra-high speed ensures shiny, slip-resistant floors in a fraction of the usual time. The front steering wheel results in greater maneuverability and straight-line action. A large working width (50cm / 20 in) and a superb ability to remove traffic marks means the TASKI ergodisc 1200 is ideal for larger areas.


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The TASKI ergodisc 165 is a low-speed single disc machine for multiple cleaning tasks. Ergodisc safety creates a safer working environment through: Hand protection due to closed handle high electrical safety due to double insulation double safety lock. Ergodisc simplicity offers improved efficiency through ease of: training and operation attachment of accessories, no tools required Storage and transporting, The Ergodisc offers a foldable handle and removable weight versatility multi-purpose, cost-efficient machine: Adaptable to many different cleaning. Order online today.


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The TASKI ergodisc 165 and 200 are especially suited for the following tasks: wet scrubbing, stripping, buffing, spray cleaning, shampooing, wood treatment and crystallisation. This Ergodisc offers better working conditions and improved productivity through: Anatomically formed grip, Adjustable handle bar height, Low vibration level, Low noise level, Soft start characteristics This machine comes with a pad drive forbuffing/scrubbing. For wet scrubbing you need to purchase a scrubbing brush a solution tank. Please phone us for more details.


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The Ergodisc 400 is a highly versatile high speed machine for daily light cleaning and buffing of floors. Some of the key features are, 400 rpm, 43cm working width a comprehensive selection of accessories. Ergodisc 400 Key Benefits includes 400RPM and 43cm is ideal for all light floor cleaning and buffing tasks, the ergodisc 400 is especially suited for spray cleaning and buffing with low vibration, low noise level, soft start characteristic for comfortable use of machine. Large soft wheels, folding handle and removable additional weight make transport and storage simple and easy


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The TASKI Ergodisc Duo is a brilliant and cost effective twin speed machine for every floor cleaning task. Some of the key features are as follows, 165/330 rpm 43cm working width with comprehensive accessories. More key benefits include 2in1 machine, low speed and high speed at the turn of a switch, multi-speed single disc machine - two powerful machines in one saves money and time, Low vibration, low noise level, soft start characteristic for comfortable use of machine, large soft wheels, folding handle and removable additional weight make transport and storage simple and easy. Intelligent Solutions from TASKI.


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The TASKI ergodisc omni ultra-high-speed single disc machine is the ultra-high-speed system. The Ergodisc Omni is a complete cleaning and maintenance system 1 machine, 2 products and pads offer a unique, faster, more efficient and more practical system: this offers significant floor cleaning and maintenance cost savings. The majority of these savings come from an increase in productivity, compared with conventional spray cleaning methods, savings can be as high as 40%!


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Astral Hygiene is a trusted supplier of the TT 6650S, a workhorse for larger floor cleaning. It is simple to use and built on a stainless steel chassis. Twinflo Vac and full-floating polyurethane semi-parabolic floor nozzle. Order online today.


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Astral Hygiene is a trusted supplier of the TTB 6055T floor care machine. The TTB-6055T has a 60-litre capacity and a 55cm (20) single brush scrubbing path, powered traction drive, dual brush pressure selection, built-in battery charging, easy fill and easy emptying facilities.


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