Astral Hygiene stock a range of laundry cleaning products, including detergents, conditioners, capsules, starch and laundry bags. We've supplied commercial and industrial laundry cleaning products to cafes, restaurants, hotels and a range of businesses across the UK for many years. Order your laundry cleaning products online today - no minimum order quantity and competitive prices.

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Comfort 10ltr Professional Original Autodose is a concentrated liquid laundry conditioner which softens all fabrics. Order online today.

Comfort Professional Original utilities all the benefits of the Comfort brand but in a professional formulation, formulated to meet the tough demands of the professional market. Comfort freshens 45 washes per 5 litres. This laundry softener is suitable for use on most types of fabric and is manually dosed in the rinse cycle.

Comfort Professional Pure is a laundry conditioner for all types of fabric.

Disinfecting Laundry Powder. Kills MRSA, and leaves laundry clean, and sanitised. Fast UK Delivery available, so order today!

A quality fabric conditioner that softens & reconditions the fibres after laundering resulting in speedier ironing & a reduction in static and re-soiling. Order online today.

Jayes concentrated LD9 Advanced Stain Extractor​ is for use through a Jeyes Engineer fitted dosing system. Advanced Stain Extractor is one of the core products which brings your laundry to life looking and smelling fresh. Boosts performance of Jeyes non-biological detergent on coloured stains. Mild on fabrics, in turn increasing the life of the garment. Replaces the need for aggressive destainers.

An economical cost in use solution for professional laundry's for use with professional washing machines only. Perfect results every time!

Jeyes Concentrated Non-Bio Laundry Detergent - 10ltr is a progressive approach to commercial and professional laundry. Keep your cost in use down, with a super concentrated laundry detergent which is correctly dosed by our Jeyes Engineer.

Jeyes 10ltr Oxygen Destainer is a concentrated laundry liquid destainer for use in washing machines. for use through a Jeyes dosing system for professional and commercial washing machines. Get professional results every single time, with this super concentrated destainer.

A professional product with professional results. This powder sets itself apart from the pack with its startling performance. Buy online today.

9kgs of Professional Laundry Powder. Brings all clothing, bedding, towels up clean and fresh. Buy online today. Non Biological Washing Powder - Enzyme Free - Formulated to work effectively at low temperatures - Removes stubborn stains - Suitable for hand washing

A liquid Laundry Detergent for use in automatic washing machines to achieve brilliant cleaning for all your clothing and linen. Buy online today.

Persil's Bio formulation tackles the toughest stains first time round, making pre-treating and re-washing on hundreds of everyday stains a thing of the past.

Persil Bio Liquid is a concentrated liquid laundry detergent for on-premise laundries. It works its magic at the heart of the wash, dissolving quickly even at low temperatures.

Persil Professional Non-Bio Capsules are a convenient way to clean and care for your clothes. Order online today.

Persil Liquid Non-Bio is tough on stains but gentle on skin, the ideal choice for your little ones. Order online today.

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