Whether you are a cleaner in a business, school or healthcare environment, Astral Hygiene have a huge range of effective cleaning products to choose from. If you require help choosing the right cleaning products please feel free to contact us here.

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Stiff Brush with Natural Fibres - In 3 sizes!

Soft Natural Coco Fibre Brush

Swan Neck Strong Toilet Cleaner 1ltr. A high strength cleaner and descaler, which removes lime scale and organic deposits. Buy Online Today!

Evans Apeel Orange Multi Purpose Cleaner. Very effective, ready to use, cleaner and degreaser that easily removes ingrained soiling with a neutral pH.

Effective bactericidal cleaning for all catering, healthcare & other hygiene critical areas. Achieves BS EN 1276 for high-level cleaning.

5ltr Plant, Drain and Oven Cleaner which effectively removes baked on fat, and shortenings from ovens and ranges. Powerful chemical compound dissolves blockages and fat from drains and grease traps.  Ideal food plant cleaner for use manually with drains, perfect for dissolving grease and fats from ovens and ranges.

This dual-action formula is designed specifically to fight all of your washroom cleaning battles, from cleaning up spots and stains, to getting rid of difficult soap scum, dirt residues, and lime build up in less time. Use this liquid spray to clean your chrome, stainless steel, ceramic, plastic and tile surfaces quickly and efficiently. Notice the signature sparkle and shine across your bath, shower, toilet, sinks and fixtures.

Lemon Cream Cleaner is a premium grade cream cleaner with a light lemon perfume.Formulated to be used on vitreous enamel. 500ml

A unique formulation designed as a strong cleaner for the prevention & removal of protein or milkstone deposits on re-usable in-line milk filter.

Flash all-purpose cleaner is a versatile cleaner designed for all washable surfaces. Order online today.

Our Lemon Fragrance Cleaner 5ltr is a handy surface cleaner ideal for use in commercial environments. Order online today.

Fast acting general purpose cleaner for all water washable surfaces. Contains a clean pine fragrance leaving the room with a fresh, just-cleaned atmosphere.