Astral Hygiene offer a comprehensive range of dairy hygiene products for livestock farmers. Our range includes sanitiser cleaners and disinfectants. Order online today.

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Acid Brite is a concentrated, low foaming, surfactant-assisted liquid, specially formulated for the cleaning, descaling & sanitising all types of bulk tanks and other equipment in dairy milking parlours. Order online today.

Fast-acting acid-based formulation that descales and removes milkstone. Use in conjunction with Acid Brite for best results. Order online today.

A concentrated, highly alkaline, low foaming circulation cleaner for cleaning all types of food processing, dairy pipelines, bulk storage tanks, HTST pasteurisers, bulk mixing tanks, robotic parlours, boiling & cooking vessels.

A detergent for cluster flush and teat brush systems. Effectively cleans clusters between each cow or when used through teat brush systems.

Crystal is a concentrated powder circulation & bulk tank cleaner, which has been designed to meet the hygiene demands of the modern milking parlour.

Evans Hypochlorite is a chlorine-based, fast acting disinfectant with bactericidal action for routine disinfection of milking parlours. Hypochlorite is used as a routine disinfection of milking plants, pipelines, dairy utensils and general cleaned surfaces also suitable for swimming pool chlorination, the non-foaming formulation mixes easily and rinses freely away . This product is also suitable for in-place disinfection programmes and hypochlorite is recommended for use with Blusyl and Q’sol detergents to give sanitising properties. highly economical in use the 25ltr container makes up to 10,000 litres of working solution.

A unique formulation designed as a strong cleaner for the prevention & removal of protein or milkstone deposits on re-usable in-line milk filter.

Fast-acting, acid-based formulation, which can be used for descaling & removing milkstone from pipelines, equipment & bulk tanks in the dairy.

A powder circulation cleaner & bulk tank cleaner removes milk residues efficiently in all milking parlours & pipelines. It dissolves easily & is ideal for use in hard or soft water.

Combines the benefits of blended Nitric and Phosphoric Acids, giving a synergistic action. Non-foaming, economical night wash.

Omnicide FG Food Grade is available and spanning the food industry’s needs from production to packed and finished products. They are used to disinfect transport vehicles, slaughterhouses, cold storage, food processing and preparation areas, food packing areas and distribution vehicles.

Omniclean is a heavy duty fast foaming detergent ideal for first stage cleaning of animal housing, transportation, hatcheries and food processing areas. Omniclean™ is the ideal product to be used in conjunction with Omnicide. Omniclean contains a non-ionic and cationic surfactant that will remove a wide variety of surface debris and soil such as protein, fats and biofilm.

Robust, wall-mounted, chemical dilution unit. Produces a ready-to-use foam which adheres to surfaces. Includes a 25 metre hose with foaming and rinsing lance attachments.Plumbs direct into mains water. No electrical connection required


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Fast acting, phosphoric acid-based formulation.For removing milkstone and scale deposits from robotic milking equipment.Buy Online today, for fast delivery.

Highly alkaline cleaner for removing milk residues from robotic milking equipment. Removes fats, oils and proteins deposits.Buy Online today, for fast delivery.

A specialised formulation designed for the manual cleaning and sanitising of stainless steel bulk milk tanks, dairy utensils and equipment.

Vanorinse is a caustic/chlorine-based liquid circulation cleaner, which has a fast cleaning action & removes milk residues efficiently in all milking parlours & pipelines.

Vanosan is an efficient recirculation liquid. The Sodium Hydroxide and Chlorine based formulation gives a fast cleaning action and removes milk residues efficiently in all types of direct expansion and insulated bulk milk holding tanks and milking parlours.