Keep your kitchen surfaces, clean with our wide range of cloths, sponges, tea towels and scourers. Available in a selection of colours for colour coded cleaning. Order online today.

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Mop up spills and wipe clean surfaces in your kitchen and bathroom with our highly absorbent cellulose sponge cloths.A good sized, thick sponge cloth with great absorbency for general cleaning and wiping. Made from cellulose, it's easy to rinse and wring out.

Astral Hygiene's All Purpose Cloth Non Woven is ideal for most household surfaces. Available in a range of colours for colour coded cleaning.

Ramon Contract box of all purpose cloths, specifically designed with the professional contract cleaner in mind. 200 Cloths on roll.

The industry preferred choice of trigger for a multitude of spraying tasks. Empty Labelled Trigger with Spray Head. Available in multiple colours. Fully adjustable rotating nozzle to change the spray from powerful jet to fine mist. Buy Online Today!

Large yellow jumbo sponge with ergonomic design. Thousands of air holes for increased sponginess. Great for car washing or window washing, large sponge - makes the job easier! Extra large size for hand washing vehicles and the jumbo sponge is also a super absorbent sponge and ideal for all uses. Synthetic Sponge for the professional user. Buy online today.

Our large strong and hard wearing knitted dishcloths are made from a cotton texture which is tough on dirt and grease and is ideal for washing up and wiping down surfaces. This dishcloth is machine washable but for best results, rinse before first use. Machine washable up to 40°C. Suitable for use with bleach. Do not tumble dry, iron or dry clean. High quality soft bleached stockinette cloth in a pack of 10. Order online today.

This extra large Stainless Steel Scourer is perfect for removing stubborn burnt on food stuffs and grime from metal surfaces such as pots, pans and kitchen surfaces etc. This heavy duty large metal scourer is supplied in a pack of 10, with each one around approximately 40g in weight. Do not use on delicate or non stick surfaces Order online today.

Swift' Multi Purpose Cloth ideal for kitchens, canteens or washrooms. Pack of 10. Swift is an absorbent multi purpose cleaning cloth. Holding up to 10 times its own weight in liquid makes it the ideal choice for mopping up spills and wiping surfaces. The multi purpose cloth can be used wet or dry and is available in four colours to help prevent against cross contamination.

Our Scouring pads are packed in a 10's. Our range of scourers and cleaning sponges are ideal for walls, floors, surface tops, kitchen utensils. The perfect option for general cleaning combined with a sponge and a more heavy-duty cleaning option with a scourer. Perfect for use in kitchens due to their absorbent and abrasive properties. Order online today.

Sponge Scourer for general purpose cleaning and washing up. Available in a pack of 10. Buy online today.

Mop up spills and wipe clean surfaces in your kitchen and bathroom with our stockinette cloths.Ideally all equipment used within different areas of a venue should be suitably colour coded. Consequently these cleaning cloths are the perfect choice for companies who operate colour coded cleaning regimes. They are available in the 4 hygiene colours to clearly identify their area of use. The cloth offers good absorbency and suitable for use on any surface. Machine washable and manufactured in the UK you can be assured of a consistent and quality product. Order from Astral Hygiene today.

Supersoft 100% cotton premium-grade stockinette rolls for cleaning and polishing surfaces.

These kitchen essentials incorporate a traditional stylish woven design and certainly take the headache out of spills and washing up duties.

Clean and polish your surfaces with Astral Hygiene's yellow dusters. Pack of 10. These dusters are soft and delicate that is perfect for sensitive surfaces, glass surfaces, mirrors, furniture and fixtures. Ultra soft and highly absorbent cleaning dusters, great for cleaning windows, furniture, car surfaces or other delicate surfaces. Use dry to collect dust through static charge. These dusters attract dust, giving your furniture and surfaces a clean and polished finish. Excellent for Contract Cleaning, Restaurants and Takeaways or Around the Home. Ideal for dusting and polishing. Order online today.