Info for Chicken Farms - Omnicide Disinfectant - What is it?

Omnicide is a broad spectrum, powerful and fast acting disinfectant designed to provide excellent bio-security protection even in dirty conditions.

Rolls Royce or Lacklustre?

In 2021 Gyms and Fitness Centers should be clean and sanitised.... Anna speaks here about the Rolls Royce approach to keeping your gym sanitised..... and your customers coming back!

Are you ready for Hygiene 2.0?

The virus that effectively shut down the world in 100 days, has taught us a great deal about Hygiene, and particularly how to manage it

Are all hypochlorous products made equal??

Not all Hypochlorus Acid is created equal... can you be sure your HOCI is in the right state to kill bacteria and virus - or if it is just salt water?

Breaking down knowledge barriers.....

What are the differences between BS EN 1276 and BS EN 14476? Anna breaks down some knowledge barriers in this weeks blog, really highlighting what everyone should know about sanitisers.........

Video - Part 2 - Shared Kitchens .....Sanitisation

Make sure your shared kitchens are sanitised and hygienic....... It is important to make sure that as an employer or building manager the area you expect employees to come back to is both safe, and hygienic. There are so many disinfectants on the market claiming to kill Coronovirus, bacteria etc, but to really know what it kills you have to practically be a hygiene professional.

Improve Workplace Safety With Proper PPE with These 6 Tips

Whether you represent oil and gas, electrical, utilities or other manufacturing industries, health & safety staff face many challenges concerning personal protective equipment (PPE) compliance.

Preparing to return to work..... office chairs!

Anna blogs about practical things you can do to keep your office clean and hygienic!

Video - Astral's Approach to Fogging

This video describes Astral's approach and guidance when using a fogging machine...

Video Unlocking Lockdown .....again!

Anna talks about unlocking lockdown..... again.....

Video - Fact vs Fiction...

Anna discusses some cleaning myths which get busted....

Video - What's in your fog?

Anna discusses what nasty chemicals may be in your fog....