Is your hand sanitiser strong enough?

Over the last week, we have seen cases of Coronovirus (COVD-19) in the UK, and this has sent what feels like the whole population in to a mass panic. Here at Astral we have been absolutely inundated with calls and orders for hand sanitisers as the population believes this will help them to not contract the virus.

Your germiest items.....

So I thought in this blog, in this current climate of contamination, infection control, and bacteria awareness I will talk about the everyday things that need to be sanitised on a daily basis. Some of these things are obvious; and some not so obvious.

Bird Flu - Epidemiology and Prevention

Bird Flu has recently been brought back up in the UK media, so it is useful to share some information about the epidemiology of the virus, how to contain it, chemicals to use and share some common sense information on prevention of the spread if you are unfortunate enough to get it in your flock.

Paper Towels Vs Hand Dryers - Pros and Cons

As a hygiene supplier and a distributor of both paper hand towels and hand dryers, we are often asked which ones we prefer, so I thought it would be a good idea to write a blog about the benefits and the draw backs of both the humble paper hand towel and the new ever more popular hand dryer.

Coronavirus Guidelines and Advice

World Health Organisation have provided some advice to us all in how to protect yourself and your families from Coronavirus. We have indicated some products which will help to prevent the spread of infection and some useful guidelines to follow.

Body Fat Wars.......

So if you work in the hygiene industry, this is a really interesting topic for us cleaning geeks!

Secrets of the Cleaning Boss....

Want to know all the secrets of our most Fastidious Cleaning Boss?

Recycled vs Pure vs Bamboo Paper – Which is the best?

With so many companies claiming to have the most environmentally sound paper solution from recycled, to recyclable, to green and environmentally friendly – it is really difficult to determine which is the right solution for you and importantly for the environment?


Do you know why the Material Safety Data Sheet is so important when dealing with chemicals? Why Environmental Health need you to have these, where to get them …. and what they are for.

Are your toilets the first to welcome guests at your door?

We talked the last time about how your toilets look, and the importance of that, but equally and sometimes even more important is how they smell….

What message do your toilets give........

This is something that we encounter a lot here Astral Hygiene. The appearance of your toilets give a massive impression to your patrons. Are they clean? Do they smell nice? Does everything match? Is there any grime in the corners? Is it cleanly decorated?

Part 5 - Environmental Health

In the last blog in this section I wanted to cover off a couple of remedial points that are really important in terms of giving the EHO the right impression of your establishment.