Cleaning and disinfecting after a COVID outbreak in your school

Keeping schools open has become a top priority for everyone, so here Anna gives some solid advice grounded in research.

How to clean lockers and locker rooms...

Here is a quick how to guide...

How does Antimicrobial Resistance affect us?

Antimicrobial resistance - what is it? How does it affect us?

Cross Contamination ... how to avoid it!

Today we talk clearly and concisely about cross contamination and how to avoid it in your kitchens.

Guide to buying paper towels

The realm of the paper towel is actually quite complex, and there are a number of factors to consider. Anna breaks down all of the factors, as she meanders through todays blog!

First Aid Kits.... important things to remember

There are many different types of First Aid Kits... here are some important things to remember.

REACH and Biocidal Regulations explained……

Chemicals and other potentially harmful substances and stringently regulated by the EU legislation in order to ensure that they are being used, safely and responsibly.

Biodcides vs Enzymes

Anna talks Biocodes vs Enzymes.... do you know the difference?

10 Characteristics of Highly Successful Cleaners….

If you want to be at the top of your game in terms of leaving your competition eating your dust, then this weeks blog is a must read!

Common spring cleaning mistakes

While as a society we do usually clean every day to a certain extent, seasonal cleaning plays a very important role in our cleaning habits. In this blog we discuss what spring cleaning actually is and how to avoid common mistakes.

Can bad smells impact the perception of your business??

After much research about how smell affects perception, we have amalgamated some of the findings in this weeks blog.

Supply chain delays... what are we doing about it?

Across our country we are facing a shortage of raw materials and items that we would typically easily be able to find in our shops. This is present in the hygiene industry, and we are facing shortages in typical items we would usually stock. Astral Hygiene have strategically planned for this occurance and have engaged this plan. We explain here what we have done, and what you will be able to find in our warehouses.

Residual Biocidal Activity – is the confusion due to QACs?

But what is a QAC chemical?

Environmental Health and Catering from Home

Running a catering business from home….

Microorganisms .... differences....

Pathogens, bacteria and viruses often interchangeably used to refer to micro-organisms, a few of which are considered harmful to health.

Part 5 - Environmental Health

In the last blog in this section I wanted to cover off a couple of remedial points that are really important in terms of giving the EHO the right impression of your establishment.