Ultimate Spring Clean Hacks!

The quickest and most effective way to get your spring clean underway... along with the BEST products to get it super clean and sanitised!

Unlocking lockdown... again...

In preparation for the strategic framework and our road map out of lock down I discuss what we should be doing as small businesses to prepare for the unlock.

What's in your fog?

Do you know what the ingredients you/your cleaning team are spewing out in to your premises, the premises your children, go? Is it toxic, do you know?

Alcohol Surface Sanitiser - Effective Against Coronaviruses

New Product Launch! Alcohol Surface Sanitising Spray! Effective against Coronaviruses BSEN 14476 and BSEN 1276

Diciphering the detail - what do I actually need to ready my premises to open again?

An easy to understand sign posted guide to what you actually need to open your hotel, bar, restaurant, self catering property again.....

COVID 19 - Myth Busters......

Over the last few weeks I have heard some really alarming things that people are saying about prevention and cure of the novel COVID 19.

Let's talk about the glitter effect......

Glitter goes absolutely everywhere, so if we can think of the virus like glitter, we’d be better prepared for it.

What's this about a second wave?

It feels like time is racing and standing still all at the same time. Have we been in lock down forever, or has it just been a few short weeks?

COVID 19 and it's impact on stock....

COVID 19 has rocked our business like everyones...... but we are doing our absolute best for everyone who contacts us and we are trying …like our suppliers with all our might and every bit of resolve and determination to get supplies to the end user. So here is an update on our stock levels.

Is your hand sanitiser strong enough?

Over the last week, we have seen cases of Coronovirus (COVD-19) in the UK, and this has sent what feels like the whole population in to a mass panic. Here at Astral we have been absolutely inundated with calls and orders for hand sanitisers as the population believes this will help them to not contract the virus.

Your germiest items.....

So I thought in this blog, in this current climate of contamination, infection control, and bacteria awareness I will talk about the everyday things that need to be sanitised on a daily basis. Some of these things are obvious; and some not so obvious.

Bird Flu - Epidemiology and Prevention

Bird Flu has recently been brought back up in the UK media, so it is useful to share some information about the epidemiology of the virus, how to contain it, chemicals to use and share some common sense information on prevention of the spread if you are unfortunate enough to get it in your flock.