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New Products

This 10% Detergent is a brilliant product that you can buy in volume and it cuts through grease, creates a nice amount of bubbles in the water and makes your dishes really clean. Our 10% washing up liquid (5L) is also versatile detergent for cleaning of dishes and most hard surfaces.

Bactericidal Detergent is specially formulated detergent that passes BS EN 1040 under clean conditions. It kills 99.99% of germs and bacteria. Seldet Bactericidal can be used only for sanitisation.

Binny™ sanitary bins remove the need for traditional sanitary bin suppliers and services. With Binny disposable sanitary bins you can dispose of all sanitary (feminine waste) and personal waste including tampons, panty liners, baby wipes, cotton swabs, sticking plaster, tissues incontinence pads, nappies and condoms. For 99% of organisations, Binny is directly placed into the black bin waste.

Superior Quality Toilet Tissue made from sustainable virgin paper. 3 Ply for a more luxurious feel. 40 rolls in case. Extra Long Toilet Roll with 320 large sheets in superior quality toilet paper.

Powerful degreasing agents remove grease and grime. Proven to kill MRSA and E.coli. Non - tainting and food safe, does not require rinsing. Sold in 750ml Triggers or 5 Litres Top Up. Ready to use.

Our EU Ecolabel accredited Bathroom Cleaner is ideal for daily use on all surfaces throughout your bathroom. This eco bathroom cleaner spray cuts through and prevents limescale build up.

Commercial Anti-Bacterial Sanitiser has a QUAT (quaternary ammonium compound) based formulation. It has strong bactericidal, fungicidal and virucidal activity against all enveloped viruses.

Our anti-microbial hand soap has been specially formulated to provide safe, accessible hygiene where infection through cross-contamination is a problem.


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