We stock a full range of wall mounted dispensers to trade in the UK. Our product range includes paper towel, soap, sanitiser, toilet paper, air freshener and industrial dispensers. Check out our selection below and order online today.

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500ml Hand Medic Dispenser - manufactured by Gojo/Purell to perfectly dispense Hand Medic Lotion.

Astral Hygiene Centrefeed Dispenser. Great for use in kitchens, and in washrooms, and can be used with either the blue or the white centre feed. Fast UK delivery!

Bulk Re-fillable Soap Dispenser, ideal for both soap and hand sanitisers. Buy Online Today!

Coreless and Double Toilet Roll Dispenser. Comes either as a double lockable toilet roll dispenser for two domestic toilet rolls, or comes with spikes for a coreless toilet roll system.

Mini Handtowel dispenser, no touch, so no contamination! Operates with batteries, put your hand underneath and your hand towel comes out automatically! Compatible with 412057. Buy Online Today!

ESP Enigma Dispenser - Auto Cut, Battery Operated

Gojo Soap 1250ml FMX Dispenser

Hand Towel Dispenser

Jumbo and Micro Mini Dispenser

A great accessible dispenser for every washroom!

Pelican Pump - attaches to most 5ltr chemical containers, to assist consistent measurement of correct doses.

The GOJO NXT SPACE SAVER Dispensing System holds 1L of skin care product in a compact area – about half the size of traditional 1L dispensers. Use it in applications with limited wall space or where the décor calls for a smaller dispenser. Need it fast? Well buy online today for delivery tomorrow.

There is now up to a four week waiting time on this product. Purell & Gojo Soap 800ml Accent Dispenser - A space saving dispenser, really compactly designed to save space exactly where you need it! This dispenses purell medical grade sanitiser into the palm of your hand. This can prevent contamination from person to person. Buy online today to recieve tomorrow in most UK locations.

Out of Stock. Purell 1200ml TFX is a Touch-free, trouble free dispensing system. The TFX dispenser automatically dispenses the perfect amount of Purell needed for hand sanitizing in one shot. Nothing for the user to touch, eliminating cross-contamination.

Tork Smart One Dispenser

Tork Foam Soap Dispenser

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