Winter Is Coming

Rock Salt is one of the best ways to keep your facility, employees and visitors protected from the dangerous hazards of an icy entrance. Rock Salt is critical in controlling ice and snow on walkways and can be used to remove existing ice, or as a preventive measure before a cold period hits. We also stock a full range of winter safety products to keep your Employees and Customers safe during winter. Rock salt has a lower freezing point than water. By spreading rock salt onto a road, path or driveway, when vehicles or pedestrians move over it, the crystals crush and spread across the ice. This causes a reaction between the water molecules and rock salt which prevents ice developing.

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Fast Acting Sub Zero Formula De-icing Spray

Rock Salt.... ideal for gritting driveways, steps, entrances, car parks, roads, gardens, around car tyres for extra grip or anywhere needing the removal of ice or snow.

Sub Zero Screen Wash de-ices windscreens and cleans without smears. It prevents windscreen washers from freezing in winter conditions.