Protect your skin with our medical and industrial moisturisers and barrier cream. Our product range includes Clinisan Skin Cleansing Foam and Hand Medic, leaving your skin cleansed and protected. Barrier creams are “topical” formulations, typically used throughout industry to protect an operatives’ skin before starting work and after hand washing. This is achieved by placing a physical barrier (the cream) between the skin and any contaminants likely to irritate it. Certain irritants encountered in the workplace may cause contact dermatitis or occupational dermatitis, so use of an effective industrial barrier cream for hands makes sense. Astral Hygiene supply a wide choice of industrial barrier cream products (pre-work creams) from a variety of world-class manufacturers. Order online today.

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Heavy Duty Hand Gel with Pumice, removes oil, grease and stubborn soiling from hands. Buy online today for fast UK delivery.

Emolient Foam, leaving the skin, cleansed and protected.

Hand Medic professional skin conditioner helps prevent dry, chapped hands and to maintain healthy skin in the workplace.