Protect your kitchen floors with our industrial and commercial mops and cleaning supplies. Our range includes Kentucky mops, mop frames and heads and colour coded buckets and handles. Order online today.

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12ltr Mop Bucket, made from toughened plastic available in red, blue, yellow and green to fall in line with your colour coding system. Our 12ltr Mop Buckets are a lightweight, plastic, bucket that are highly portable and easy to store, featuring a fully removable plastic wringer. Also, being colour coded, the mops can be used as part of a colour coding system, suitable for use in food factories, nursing homes, hospitals, schools or anywhere this type of system is required.

135cm Stainless Steel Colour Coded Handle. Astral Hygiene stocks extra-long handles as standard to accommodate any height of the user. Available in a range of colours. Order online today.

Astral Hygiene's Cloth Mop Head is light and easy to use as well as machine washable. This highly absorbent mop from is interchangeable with the most handles and is colour coded for easy identification, allowing you to use cleaning equipment in designated areas to reduce the risk of cross contamination and increase hygiene. This lightweight and easy to use mop is suited to busy spaces, allowing for quick and easy cleaning. Order yours today.

Ramon Contract box of all purpose cloths, specifically designed with the professional contract cleaner in mind. 200 Cloths on roll.

Cotton Yarn Sweeper Frame - 80cm

Flat Mop Frame (40cm) fits to the microfibre head also available from Astral Hygiene, and makes cleaning your floors so easy!

This Flat Mop Head - Microfibre makes cleaning your floors easy. Length is 40cm. Order online today.

Available in 2 sizes and designed for sweeping liquids on smooth & tiled surfaces. Individually bagged and available in 5 colours to help prevent against cross contamination

Kentucky mops are a great traditional answer to getting your floors sparkling clean! Available in red, yellow, blue and green for colour coded cleaning. Order from Astral Hygiene today.

Kentucky 25 Litre Mopping System with gear press wringer is a large capacity Kentucky mop bucket, ideal for cleaning larger floor areas. This large mopping system is suitable for use with Kentucky mops or flat mopping systems. This Ergo designed bucket and wringer has a taller profile to reduce back-bending in use. Made from sturdy rust free materials. Fitted with 3 Inch nylon and plastic castors and scratch free bumpers.

Kentucky Mop Fitting fits on to the end of both wooden and metal poles to create a perfect fitting to hold a Kentucky Mop.Kentucky mop system is ideal for mopping large areas faster and more effectively than with other mopping systems. The screw collar compression fitting makes for fast and easy replacement. Fits to 22-25mm diameter handles. Manufactured by Ramon Hygiene.

Large Snow Scoop, with wooden handle. Buy today, for fast UK delivery!

Astral Hygiene's Microfibre Flat Mop Head Kit makes cleaning your floors easy. Attaches to a Velcro Head with minimal contact and wizzes around your floor picking up all the dirt and grime!

Astral Hygiene's Mop Head is ideal for clearing up spills and small scale cleaning. High Quality and 16ply threads. Order online today.

Orange and Black Plastic Snow Shovel with D Grip. Manufactured from orange, high-grade polypropylene our orange and Black Plastic Snow is lightweight, will not rot or rust, exhibits excellent wear resistance against concrete/hard floor surfaces and is less likely to damage floor surfaces or machinery than metal counterparts. Order today for fast UK delivery!

Pelican dispenser for 5ltr bottle, dispenses 30ml dose per pump and sometimes referred to as ounce-o-matic pumps. This pelican pump dispenser attaches onto all 5 litre bottles of chemicals and many others as this is a screw on, attachable 5 litre dispenser pump comes with an adjustable fitting that will attach to 99% of other branded chemicals. It allows for consistent average measuring of 5l chemicals going into buckets and other dispensers when being diluted with water.

Wooden Handle for Brush/Mop