SEBO Vacuum cleaners are designed to give optimum performance and life expectancy with your SEBO vacuum cleaners. SEBO 3-layer Ultra bags use high quality specially treated non-woven, spun bonded polypropylene. Medical masks are made from the same material as our SEBO Ultra Bags and filters.

Unlike a bagless vacuum cleaner they do not release potentially hazardous dust on emptying bags.

SEBO is the largest manufacturer of commercial upright vacuum cleaners in the world. All SEBO vacuum cleaners are user friendly, reliable and of anti-allergy design, endorsed by the British Allergy Foundation.

Astral Hygiene Ltd supplies SEBO vacuum cleaners and floor polishers to domestic households, commercial businesses, schools, restaurants and more. No matter what your needs, we have the perfect vacuum cleaner for you.

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The SEBO AUTOMATIC XP 20 is the intelligent all-rounder for any type of floor. The brush automatically sets to the optimum height for your floor whether it's hard floor or carpet. Buy today for fast delivery in the UK.

Bring a little fun into your cleaning. The intelligent design shows in every aspect of the SEBO AIRBELT K1 FUN. Featuring an 890W motor and the versatile and durable SEBO Comfort Pro Kombi Head, the K1 FUN is suitable for all floors. Buy Online Today! Fast UK Delivery!

SEBO AUTOMATIC X7 PET is a high-performance vacuum cleaner with computer-controlled automatic height adjustment and odour filtration. Buy Online Today! Fast UK delivery!

SEBO AUTOMATIC X7 WHITE ePower. High performance cleaning with computer controlled automatic height adjustment. Buy Online Today! Fast UK Delivery!

The SEBO BP60 offers durability and performance in a high quality cordless vacuum cleaner with a full 60 minutes runtime from its powerful 308 Wh battery. No sockets, no problem - The BP60 is ideal for cleaning non-stop, without needing to plug and unplug. The 4-layer microfibre bag has such high filtration that no other filter is required. The highly efficient toothed timing belts are fully protected by an auto-shut-off system. The battery and motor are located at the base of the machine, so the BP60 has a very low handle weight for comfortable use.

SEBO History


SEBO: SEMIGEWERBLICHE BODENPFLEGEGERATE translated means; "Semi-Commercial Floor Care", but more commonly it is recognised internationally as meaning "Quality".

SEBO created the first ‘modern’ commercial upright vacuum cleaner in 1978. Indeed, they could be regarded as the template upon which most uprights are now based. SEBO introduced many features which are now common on vacuum cleaners, e.g. the integrated hose, direct-drive toothed belts and electrostatic micro filters. Light in weight, but durable and reliable, they rapidly became the world’s bestselling machines, a position SEBO still holds today.

SEBO (UK) Ltd was formed in 1981 and has successfully grown to become a major player in the UK vacuum cleaner market. In 1991 SEBO started in the retail market with the SEBO automatic X1 upright. This machine introduced sensor-controlled brush height adjustment for optimum cleaning performance which remains unique to SEBO.


SEBO is still the world's largest manufacturer of commercial upright vacuum cleaners and boasts a presence in over 20 countries. SEBO is still a family business with real care for the design and manufacture of the products it makes. SEBO has become an established brand name in the retail market, winning many accolades from consumer magazines such as Good Housekeeping, Ideal Homes and many others for the quality, performance and reliability of its vacuum cleaners. All SEBO vacuum cleaners are of anti-allergy design, indeed a SEBO machine was the first vacuum cleaner to be endorsed by the British Allergy Foundation for its overall anti-allergy design as opposed to just its filtration.

SEBO vacuum cleaners are all still made in Germany and the commitment to quality is as firm as ever.