We stock a range of Jeyes professional cleaning products ideal for businesses, schools and healthcare. This range is dispensed via a wall mounted dispenser either in to a trigger spray or in to a mop bucket. Cleverly colour coded so as not to get them mixed up this range is not only very easy to use but also very effective. We have two bactericidal chemicals, one for food use and one for household use - both kill bacteria in 30 seconds. This range has everything you would need in a high volume environment, from food safe bactericidal cleaners to toilet cleaner.

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YH09 - Jeyes Super Concentrated Glass Cleaner

YH04 - Superconcentrated Odour Neutraliser and Air Freshener.

10ltr Jeyes Bio Enzyme Drain Maintainer - Enzymes digest blockages in busy kitchen pipes! Buy Online!

Astral Hygiene supply dispensers for Jeyes Chemical Range which are ideal for commercial environments. Order online today.

JEYES A4 Auto pan Panwash This auto pan wash detergent is designed for use in automatic pan and utensil washing machines and is specially designed to prevent the formation of hard water scale and is safe for use on aluminium.

Jeyes A8 Auto Dishwash Rinse Aid Automatic rinse aid for use in commercial dishwash machines. Aids quick drying and leaves cutlery and crockery sparkling and streak free.

Labelled Empty Triggers for Jeyes Super Concentrates.

YA01 - Auto Dose Machine Dishwash - for Cutlery and Crockery.

YC01 - Defence Concentrated Cleaner Sanitiser is a liquid cleaner sanitiser for use in kitchen and catering areas. Order online today.

YC03 - All-Purpose Degreaser Chemical Concentrate is a powerful multi-surface cleaner that dissolves grease, fat and ingrained soil. Order online today.

Kills germs on contact, including E-coli, Salmonella, Listeria and MRSA.

Our YH02 Concentrate Toilet Clearer is a Superblend Dilution and dosing system that freshens and neutralises odours. Order online today.