We supply a range of Numatic vacuum accessories to businesses in the UK. Our product range includes vacuum nozzles, stainless steel tubes, aero brushes, threaded hose and layer dust bags. Check out our selection below and order online today.

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Astral Hygiene's 300mm Combination Floor Nozzle is ideal for Henry Vacuums. Order Online Today!

3-Piece Stainless Steel Tube Set. This is designed by Numatic and is ideal for Henry, Hetty, George etc - Order Today!

The Numatic 290mm Easy Ride Black Airo Brush (32mm) is a highly efficient floor nozzle, designed for quick and efficient carpet cleaning. Advanced in the removal of threads and dog or cat hairs, and effective for getting into difficult places or tight corners. This uniquely designed brush helps to clean areas which upright cleaners struggle to reach. Any model number starting with a 3 or 2 is a 32mm machine and is compatible with the Easy Ride Aero.

This 2.4M hose is compatible with most machines that use a screw fit 32mm size hose. Please feel free to contact us through our contact us page if you want to check if this is compatible with your machine. Order online today.

Our NVM 2BH Layer Dust Bag fits a range of our numatic vacuum cleaners, helping to retain particles of dust and dirt. Order online today.