Clean windows effectively with our professional window cleaning equipment. Our product range includes squeegees, handles, buckets, poles and wash sleeves. Check out our selection of window cleaning equipment below or browse or cleaning supplies category for window and multi purpose cleaning solutions.

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Heavy duty bristle on a strong and durable wire frame. Fits onto telescopic poles.

Our Heavy Duty Floor Squeegee allows you to easily dry hard floors that have been mopped, this 45cm heavy duty floor squeegee prevents dampness, slips and helps with cleanliness. Featuring twin foam rubber blades, the squeegee absorbs more water than alternatives, for fast, quality drying. Gliding across the floor with ease, the long design of the squeegee makes it more comfortable and easier to use.

Micro - Tiger Wash Sleeve

Optima Premium Quality Microfibre Cloth is an effective general purpose microfibre cloth. Microfibre will clean glass, mirrors etc without leaving smears and will also out perform any other type of cleaning cloth. The cloth is best used damp as it kills up to 99.9 % of bacteria with just water, however can also be used dry for dusting.

Rawhide Double Squeegee Holster is 100% heavy grade leather with studded reinforcement. Complete with belt attachment.Window cleaning Equipment holder for the professionals. Extremely stable, made of quality leather and will suit any serious window cleaners needs.Speed. This Double Squeegee Holster offers added flexibility and convenience.

Hard Grade Rubber Blade. Various Sizes The world famous Pulex Rubber is one of the most popular rubbers you can buy. Available in both Soft and Hard compounds. Easy to cut to length. Genuine top quality Pulex rubber.

The stainless steel channel and rubber is locked onto the handle by means of two teeth at the top of the spring that fits into the corresponding holes. These holes are at regular intervals so that the channel and rubber blade can be secured as required. When complete with handle they increase the your reach of the squeegee so that you can get to the top of the window without using a ladder. The standard and soft versions of the rubber blade are fitted into perfectly straight channels to improve functionality. Various Sizes available, please see our size selections.

Standard Window Cleaners Handle, made of quality Stainless Steel with rubber grip, low cost, good quality handle provides extra value for money. It has a quick release back plate which holds channels and rubbers.

Strong lightweight telescopic aluminium poles, ideal for high up and awkwardly placed windows. This telescopic pole can be used for all types of glass surfaces etc. Tools can be easily and safely attached to the telescopic poles to clean the windows etc with washer and squeegee or dusters without a ladder.

Mobile window cleaners bucket with lid and 50mm. Lid snap fits around top of bucket for a secure water tight fastening. Durable ABS plastic. 24 litre capacity. H: 26.8cm (10½") W: 26.6cm (10½"), L: 51.6cm (20¼").

Holds squeegee, various sizes of channel and maintains the window wash applicator wet and ready for use without dripping.

Window Wash Applicator Handle is ergonomically correct for window cleaning, the T Bar dynamic design improves water flow through the sleeve spreading the right amount of liquid onto the glass. This window wash applicator handle is also Durable, rust-free, and is made from plastic. Perfect for use with our window wash sleeves. The applicator handle has an ergonomic design enabling the user to adjust the handle grip to suit.