Astral Hygiene supply a full range of Numatic and TASKI vacuum cleaners to businesses, schools and healthcare organisations across the UK. Whether it be for wet or dry use, we've got the right vacuum cleaners for your job. Browse our selection of industrial vacuum cleaners below and order online today.

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The SEBO AUTOMATIC XP 20 is the intelligent all-rounder for any type of floor. The brush automatically sets to the optimum height for your floor whether it's hard floor or carpet. Buy today for fast delivery in the UK.

The TASKI 8 Plus is an all in one, with whisper technology. Order online today.

You want a vacuum cleaner that is totally without compromise, be it for wet or dry use, and that's exactly what you get. Order Charles CVC370 today.

There is, within many specialized operations, the need for a compact vacuum cleaner that can meet the Clean Room Class 100 specification.

The Numatic George 3 in 1 Vacuum Cleaner is an all-in-one vacuum offering five cleaning options including dry or wet vacuuming, scrubbing & drying of hard floors, cleaning the carpets and upholstery. Powerful 1200W two stage motor and comprehensive KitA26A. Order online today.

Harry was developed specifically for pet loving people, he has all the features of Henry with the same power and performance, but there are 2 extra pet friendly features.

Astral Hygiene is a trusted supplier of Henry Vacuums. Powerful 1200W two stage motor with 2-speed hi-lo operation. 10m cable with rewind system. Giant Tritex filters and Microflo dust bags. Comes with Kit A1. Order online today.

Henry Micro HVR200M-21

Dry vac. with all of the standard Henry features plus 24volt turbo-electric self-adjusting power brush. Particularly useful in carpeted homes where pets are kept.

Everyone knows Henry, Europes favourite vacuum cleaner with now over six million in use; bringing a smile to those cleaning chores. Henry has now got a friend, Hetty.

Small dry vacuum with powerful 1100W motor; unique caddy top allowing storage of small tools, duster, polish and cable when not in use. Replaceable cable, big 8L capacity, standard kit is JV1.

When good is not good enough, the certified Numatic MFQ370021 microfilter cleaning machine provides an exceptional 99.95% efficiency standard but totally without loss of convenience and usability.