Keep your surfaces clean with our range of dustpans & brushes. Includes yard brooms, dust beaters and colour coded scrubbing brushes. Buy online today.

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Stiff Brush with Natural Fibres - In 3 sizes!

Astral Hygiene's Brabantia Toilet Brush is corrosion-resistant, making it ideal for bathroom use. Order online today.

Cotton Yarn Sweeper Frame - 80cm

30cm Colour Coded Deck Scrubbing Brush. Perfect for scrubbing away those stubborn stains! Attaches to a handle and ideal for use in a swimming pool and for stubborn stains.

Astral Hygiene's Dust Beater Replacement Heads are lightweight, efficient and easy to use. Order online today.

Dust control sweepers at an economy price with 'break frame' colour-coded acrylic sweeper heads and aluminium handle - universal socket.

Dust Pan and Brush Set - Colour Coded. Order Online today.

Astral Hygiene's Glass Sink Brush features a positive suction base to firmly attach to your sink. Order online today.

Astral Hygiene's Hi Gold Duster attracts and holds dust without the need for chemical treatment. Order online today.

Traditional lambswool flick dusters. Washable and durable. Lambswool flick dusters are perfect for reaching high up places where dust gets trapped. The lambswool head does a fantastic job of picking up settled dust during cleaning leaving surfaces dust free. 48" for extra reach.

Large Snow Scoop, with wooden handle. Buy today, for fast UK delivery!

Astral Hygiene's Lobby Pan Brush is ideal for use in theatres, lobbies and other public areas. Available in blue, red, yellow, green and grey. Order online today.

Orange and Black Plastic Snow Shovel with D Grip. Order today for fast UK delivery!

This great value Semi-Enclosed Toilet Brush and Holder has quality bristles made from bleach resistant polypropylene, helping to provide powerful cleaning and improved hygiene. Lightweight as well as durable, the semi-enclosed design assists in hiding the toilet brush when not in use. Suitable for use in school, hotels, shop etc. Order online today.

Soft Natural Coco Fibre Brush

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