Keep your bar clean and stocked up with our bar supplies and cleaning products. We stock a large selection of beer line cleaners, degreasers and detergents, as well as cocktail napkins, straws and multi purpose cloths. For bar supplies, bar equipment and bar accessories, you’ve come to the right place visiting at Astral Hygiene Bar & Pub Supplies. Our extensive range of pub and bar accessories contains everything you will need for your bar or pub in one place to ensure your bar supplies are always fully equipped. Buy online today.

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This 10% Detergent is a brilliant product that you can buy in volume and it cuts through grease, creates a nice amount of bubbles in the water and makes your dishes really clean.

Black Cocktail Napkins - Compliment your dinner napkins with these classic embossed cocktail napkins. Minimalistic Black mixed for a cool and contemporary feel.  Perfect for handing out with drinks or dispensed at the bar!

25cm Cocktail Napkins White. Create that extra special dining experience with a quality paper napkin.

Ideal for both adults and kids, these drinking straws are perfect in any beverage, from cocktails to a milkshake. Order online today.

Looking for an alcohol based, no rinse surface sanitiser in the fight against Coronavirus? Selden Professional Surface Sanitiser is a sanitiser suitable for use on any water washable surface. This alcohol surface sanitiser has the latest formulation and associated efficacy test data to ensure it is the most effective product in the alcohol sanitiser range. It is certified to EN 1276, EN 13697 and effective according to EN 14476 against enveloped viruses, including Coronavirus.

Drain Solution improves flow rates and prevents odours in your pipes. Biological Drain Solution 5ltr is also a powerful blend of selected enzymes and microorganisms that efficiently and safely reduce the sticky greasy waste evacuated into drainage systems, causing blockages. Drain Solution improves flow rates and prevents odour problems in the small-bore pipes flowing from sinks, baths, showers and kitchen macerators.

If you want you can keep them straight, or you can bend the neck for easier access. So simple, yet so essential.

Use Brasso liquid polish to renew metal surfaces and achieve a long-lasting shine. Apply evenly to the desired metal surface in small circular motions. Leave for a few minutes before buffing with a dry cloth. Brasso is a traditional metal polish designed to remove tarnish from brass, copper, chrome and stainless steel. Apply directly to the metal surfaces and buff to restore a gleaming shine.

To aid a streak-free shine to all glassware. Order online today.

ChloroSan chlorine tablets are added to water to provide a biocidal solution suitable for disinfection and cleaning in healthcare and other demanding environments where disinfection is an integral part of the everyday hygiene regime. One ChloroSan tablet is added per litre of water to create a general purpose chlorine disinfecting solution suitable for mopping of hard surface floors and wipe down of work surfaces etc. ChloroSan is a powerful chlorine based disinfectant-cleaner producing 1000mg Available Chlorine per tablet. Buy Online today for fast UK delivery!

Astral Hygiene's All Purpose Cloth Non Woven is ideal for most household surfaces. Available in a range of colours for colour coded cleaning.

Coffee Stain and Tanin Remover; Quick dissolving, unperfumed powder; Cleans and destains in one operation; For use on tea urns, coffee making machines and vending machines; Effective in all water conditions. Buy online today.

Professional dishwasher tablets.

Lift Heavy-Duty Cleaner Degreaser 5ltr is a powerful bactericidal multi-surface cleaner & degreaser that cuts through grease and removes ingrained soil.

5ltr Machine/Cabinet Glass Wash Detergent perfect for pubs, clubs & restaurants with enclosed glass washing machines. Leaves glasses sparkling clean & streak-free. Powerful formulation for all types of glass washing machines. Effective and safe cleaning action for glassware.

Apple Scented Perfumed Urinal Mats x 12 These apple scented perfumed plastic urinal mats from Bio-Productions help prevent the ingress of chewing gum, paper etc. blocking the urinal outlet while adding a subtle fragrance to the washroom.

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