We stock a full range of wholesale eco-friendly cleaning products which comply with the EcoFlower accreditation. Our professional cleaning products are tough on dirt and friendly to the environment. These cleaning products don't kill bacteria but instead use enzymes to eat bad bacteria away and are septic tank friendly.

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Eco Friendly Cleaner Degreaser 5ltr. Catering and general-purpose degreaser. Emulsifies animal fats, grease, oil, blood and protein with ease. Non tainting. Suitable for use on aluminium. Eco-friendly low foam formulation. Buy Online Today for fast UK delivery!

1ltr or 5ltr Eco Friendly Mildly Acidic Toilet Cleaner. Viscous formula clings longer for more thorough action. Cleans and descales washroom areas. Suitable for use on toilet bowls, urinals and stainless steel. Eco-friendly formulation based on organic fruit acids. Buy online today, for next day delivery across most UK locations.

Eco Friendly Washing Up Liquid. 1ltr Eco-label approved product. Super concentrated, tested and approved at dilution 1 part detergent to 1000 parts water. Mild long lasting foam, perfect for dishwashing by hand. Leaves crockery and glassware sparkling clean and streak free. Eco-friendly formulation. Buy today for priority courier delivery.

Eco Friendly Washroom Cleaner. 1ltr & 5ltr Available. Cleans and freshens all washroom surfaces. Contains natural citric acid to remove lime scale. Eco-friendly formulation. Buy online today for next day delivery to most UK locations.

Royal Flush Cistern Blocks - Releases enzymes every time you flush! Buy Online Today for Fast UK Mainland Delivery. Clean, deodorise and freshen the toilet bowl with each flush. Long lasting blue colour with added bactericide and water softening agents to help reduce lime-scale deposits. Lightly fragranced for optimum benefit.

Salvesan's surface products are ideal for any “spray and wipe” environment. As the fastest disinfectant available, Salvesan hypochlorous gets to work immediately, requires no dwell time, kills 99.9999% of bacteria and 99.99% of viruses, including coronaviruses, and is pH balanced so is as gentle as water. Salvesan hypochlorous Surface Disinfectant is a product for all environments, kills 99.9999% of bacteria and 99.99% of viruses present on a surface in seconds. As it is non-irritating it can also be used on skin as a hand sanitiser.

Formulated specially for all portable toilets and commodes, replacing formaldehyde based products..