We supply a range of dairy detergent products for farmers in the UK. Our dairy detergent products have excellent grease removal and high dilution properties. Check out our selection below.

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Highly efficient, aluminium safe, low foaming detergent for use through automatic ware washing machines and for manual washing.

A highly caustic detergent powder No heating of water required Effective for all water hardnesses Mixes easily, non-foaming, rinses freely Leaves machines, pipelines and jars clean and bright

Omnicide FG Food Grade is available and spanning the food industry’s needs from production to packed and finished products. They are used to disinfect transport vehicles, slaughterhouses, cold storage, food processing and preparation areas, food packing areas and distribution vehicles.

Omniclean is a heavy duty fast foaming detergent ideal for first stage cleaning of animal housing, transportation, hatcheries and food processing areas. Omniclean™ is the ideal product to be used in conjunction with Omnicide. Omniclean contains a non-ionic and cationic surfactant that will remove a wide variety of surface debris and soil such as protein, fats and biofilm.

Q-Sol is a high strength detergent excellent for cleaning of floors, walls, utensils and equipment in the parlour, dairy and farm kitchen.

Cleansing shampoo for sheep, cattle, horses and pets Helps the coat to retain its shine and gloss Soapless nature, leaves no grease or scum Effective in all water conditions.

T.S.R. 100 is a Powerful, heavy duty detergent for use with all types of high-pressure power wash machines. Has a Quick & effective cleaning action.

Powerful, heavy duty cleaner for effective removal of food soil Suitable for the food process industry, all slaughterhouse and meat processing factories Can be used with hot or cold water.

With over 25 years expertise in serving the dairy hygiene market, Astral Hygiene is well placed to offer its range of performance dairy farm detergents. This includes dairy detergents, circulation cleaners and bulk tank cleaners, bleaches, disinfectants and wet wipes, all available through our website.

Based on tried and tested formulations from Evans Vanodine and Coventry Chemicals, these products offer superb reliability and achieve high customer satisfaction. All products come with full support and are competitively priced within a particularly price conscious market.

Committed to the environment, Astral Hygiene provides environmentally friendly products wherever possible.