TASKI Sprayers offer a BP 15 lithium battery backpack sprayer makes light work of spraying both small and medium sized spaces. The TASKI Sprayers area fantastic tool to aid infection prevention. The large 15L capacity battery powered BP 15 sprayer now offers the ability to apply chemical and disinfection solutions effectively and consistently.  The BP 15 can be adjusted to deliver a precise droplet size and pattern between 60-200 microns which ensures accuracy and gives you the confidence for critical applications. In terms of operational efficiency The sprayers offer a minimum of 4hrs of battery run time and large 15L capacity. The BP 15 can also cover consistently within large spaces without the need for frequent refilling. For the largest spaces consider using TASKI IntelliSpray.

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TASKI Sprayer BP 15 Li Ion offers a high quality li-Ion battery backpack sprayer for applying chemical & disinfection solutions with the folling key features. 15 L tank capacity, 3 bar pressure, Li-Ion battery. Key Benefits found with the TASKI Sprayer BP 15 Li Ion are full flexibility and freedom with Li-Ion battery (4 h run time), Stainless steel tube for highest durability, adjustable sprayer function 60-200 microns. The system comes ready to use including battery and charger. Intelligent Solutions from TASKI.