Our industrial grade Urinal Channel blocks and toilet blocks are essential for keeping busy washrooms and toilet facilities clean and fresh. Our Urinal Channel blocks are deodorising soluble urinal cubes for washrooms. Leaves a fresh and hygienic scent. Our Channel blocks freshens urinals over a long period of time due to a unique slow breakdown compound. Free from para Dichlorobenzene prevents blockages in pipe work and reduce the number of flushes per day. View our products below.

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Bio Blocks, available as a Toss Block or contained within a screen. The original Toss Blocks, these urinal blocks contain special bacterial cultures that clean and deodorise urinal traps and pipes while enabling great savings of water to be made.

Royal Flush Cistern Blocks - Releases enzymes every time you flush! Buy Online Today for Fast UK Mainland Delivery. Clean, deodorise and freshen the toilet bowl with each flush. Long lasting blue colour with added bactericide and water softening agents to help reduce lime-scale deposits. Lightly fragranced for optimum benefit.

Jeyes Sanilav Channel water-soluble, biodegradable urinal blocks which will not block outlets. They are detergent-based and long-lasting - up to 30% longer than competitors.