Protect your skin with our medical and industrial moisturisers and barrier cream. Our product range includes Clinisan Skin Cleansing Foam and Hand Medic, leaving your skin cleansed and protected. Order online today.

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Emolient Foam, leaving the skin, cleansed and protected.

Hand Medic professional skin conditioner helps prevent dry, chapped hands and to maintain healthy skin in the workplace.

Barrier Cream is a protective cream for undamaged and injured skin, Moisturising Barrier Cream creates a physical barrier between the skin and contaminants that may cause irritations and inflammation.

To ensure and maintain the healthiest conditions needed for our largest organ, our skin, Barrier Cream has been dermatologist-tested and approved. Barrier Cream can be used with less fear of allergic reactions because it is free from fragrance, parabens, sulphates, aloe and phthalates.

Barrier Cream is compatible with all continence products and creates a smooth breathable film guaranteed to soothe your skin and eliminate dryness. Furthermore, to suit all patient needs and avoid potential waste, Our Barrier Cream is available different sizes.