Part 2 - Environmental Health - Are you doing it right?

This blog discusses a very important and quite a contentious issue how to wash your dishes the correct way (yes there is a correct way)! Simple right, we’ll no it’s not really that simple so please do bear with me while I guide you through this. This is so important!

Part 3 - How to prepare for your Environmental Health Inspection - Sanitisers....

To follow on from our tour of colour coding and the lessons learned about washing a dish the correct way in this blog I’ll be talking about sanitisers...for both food safe and COVID safe!

Part 5 - Environmental Health

In the last blog in this section I wanted to cover off a couple of remedial points that are really important in terms of giving the EHO the right impression of your establishment.

How to prepare for your Environmental Health Inspection

Now that every business is open across the UK, it feels like a good time to revisit the basics.....

Why is BSEN 1276 not a fit for purpose accredditation for sanitising my dishes?

We've answered some commonly asked questions about BS EN 1276 and what it means for your business.

Avian Flu (bird flu)

Right now, avian flu is killing vulnerable and rare wild birds across the UK and worldwide. The disease has spread from Scotland, around England's coasts, reaching Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly, as well as Wales and Northern Ireland.

SEBO Vacuum Cleaners

SEBO: SEMIGEWERBLICHE BODENPFLEGEGERATE translated means; "Semi-Commercial Floor Care", but more commonly it is recognised internationally as meaning "Quality". SEBO is the largest manufacturer of commercial upright vacuum cleaners in the world. All SEBO vacuum cleaners are user friendly, reliable and of anti-allergy design, endorsed by the British Allergy Foundation. Astral Hygiene Ltd supplies SEBO vacuum cleaners and floor polishers to domestic households, commercial businesses, schools, restaurants and more. No matter what your needs, we have the perfect vacuum cleaner for you.

Eco friendly cleaning myths debunked......

Everyone wants to give their families the best; whether it be the best education, quality ingredients or experience. When looking at products for families, we take only the best. Our eco friendly range is safe, and effective and is harmless to the environment.

Lets talk dirty.....

Let's talk dirty.... which areas in your home are the most dirty?

What does porn have to do with cleanliness??

Organisational porn has nothing at all to do with pornography, any more than food porn would.

Monkeypox Virus

What do we know about Monkeypox virus? We are being asked more and more, so we've put together a quick guide.

The forgotten areas.....

In today's office environment where in some businesses there is no designated cleaner, everyone has to muck in.

Supply Chain - Why are investors moving away from China?

Over the last few weeks business media have been reporting that both US and EU/UK firms are rethinking the supply investment strategies, which will affect organisations like Astral Hygiene.

What is living in your office water cooler?

Today's blog couldn't be more pertinant, and the pandemic has actually made this issue even more relevant today than ever before......

Recycled vs Pure vs Bamboo Paper – Which is the best?

With so many companies claiming to have the most environmentally sound paper solution from recycled, to recyclable, to green and environmentally friendly – it is really difficult to determine which is the right solution for you and importantly for the environment?

Public Bathrooms….protect yourself…..

In this weeks blog I discuss what bacteria and viruses are present in typical public bathrooms.

How to choose the right floor pad?

This is a mystery to most people, however once explained... everything becomes clear! When cleaning a hard floor, there are lots of options in terms of how you can go about cleaning them. Whether you want to strip, clean, buff or polish a floor a floor pad is the way to go about it - especially on wooden floors.

Free COSHH Training....when you shop with Astral Hygiene!

Astral Hygiene offers comprehensive COSHH training, health and safety training to every customer.....

Astral proud to have been awarded Royal Warrant by HM The Queen

Scottish Borders based Astral Hygiene are delighted to announce that they have been granted the honour of a Royal Warrant by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

Colour Coded Cleaning – Preventing Cross Contamination...

Colour coding your cleaning equipment is an easy and helpful system to have in place in a working environment. It can be vital whilst cleaning, as it is very effective against cross contamination there are basic guidelines put in place by BICSc (British Institute of Cleaning Science) to ensure your workplace is the safest it can be. In this blog, I will explain why colour coded cleaning is so important and how to colour code your equipment correctly in hope it helps you guarantee safety for you and your employees.

Gloves - What is the difference?

Over the past 5 years, there has been an enormous surge in the prices of all types of gloves, such as vinyl, latex and nitrile. This is due to the increases in raw materials, manufacturing and environment challenges. This blog is set out to describe the different reasons for this and to educate you on all things gloves…

Hazardous Chemicals – Everything you need to know!

A hazardous chemical is any chemical, which can cause physical harm or a health hazard. Chemicals, which are categorized as a hazard, can cause harm in many ways, such as by inhalation, swallowing or skin contact.

Floor Cleaning - The best way for you...

One of the most important parts of cleaning and something almost everyone would notice is the floor. Whether its dirty socks or muddy footprints, it is quite difficult to hide if they are dirty.

Why Is Hand Washing So Important?

80% of known diseases are passed on through hands and touch alone; hands are the main culprit for spreading bacteria and this is why hand washing is a useful habit to encourage from an early age.

What is PPE – Things you need to know

Personal Protective Equipment, also known as PPE has become crucial over the last few years due to COVID-19, to the point where it is now used daily by almost everyone across the world, including myself. Protective equipment such as face coverings, gloves and gowns are now vital to people’s lives, even more than they were before the virus

What does food safe actually mean?

What does Food Safe actually mean? Is it different than food grade, and in what circumstances would food grade and food safe actually be the most pertinant?

What the professionals do with their blocked drains.....

All businesses are at the mercy of drains, and when they are blocked it can result in chaos for all businesses large and small. In this weeks blog, we talk about what is causing blockages (you think you know but you probably don't), and what the professionals would use to clear them. Read on!

Ways to prepare your workplace for winter.....

A COVID winter is one we are becoming ever more used to. However I do think it is important to remind people of the simple things you can do to keep everyone safe. From clearing paths, to sanitising....

Get Cleaning for Christmas!

Are you ready for Christmas? Ready to welcome the in-laws or those critical guests? Breeze through your cleaning with this handy guide!

Disposable Sanitary Bins....

Here we blog and Vlog about how and why you can save money by getting rid of your sanitary bin supplier..... controversial!

Cleaning and disinfecting after a COVID outbreak in your school

Keeping schools open has become a top priority for everyone, so here Anna gives some solid advice grounded in research.

How to clean lockers and locker rooms...

Here is a quick how to guide...

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