Astral Hygiene have a wide range of janitorial products to choose from, including cleaning products suitable for a number of different environments. Check out our selection below and order online today.

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Astral Hygiene's NC1 Cleaning Trolly, also known as The Carousel is an exceptionally compact, easy to handle, cleaning module on a tough Structofoam (blue) base with 4 x 75mm castors.

Odour Neutraliser 5ltr. Very effective odour neutraliser. The only one in our range which actually kills the bacteria on contact which is causing the smell.

Orange and Black Plastic Snow Shovel with D Grip. Manufactured from orange, high-grade polypropylene our orange and Black Plastic Snow is lightweight, will not rot or rust, exhibits excellent wear resistance against concrete/hard floor surfaces and is less likely to damage floor surfaces or machinery than metal counterparts. Order today for fast UK delivery!

Oxygen-Pro is a continuous fresh scent and odour control system that is reliable, effective, safe and eco-friendly. Buy today at Astral Hygiene.

Oxygen-Pro is a continuous fresh scent and odour control system that is reliable, effective, safe and eco-friendly.

One Pledge, Multiple Surfaces, Infinite Possibilities! Order from Astral Hygiene today.

Professional Pledge Furniture Polish 12 x 400ml with a rich wax formulation. Order online today.

Evans Protect Disinfectant Cleaner 5ltr. Kills a wide range of bacteria. Passes BSEN 1276 BSEN 16777 and BSEN 14476. Leaves a clean fresh odour. Protect is also effective against enveloped viruses, including Coronavirus and helps to prevent cross-contamination.

Rational Tablet, specifically designed for self cleaning rational ovens. Buy today for fast delivery around the UK!

Astral Hygiene's Floor Safety Sign is perfect for providing warning of potential slip and trip hazards that might occur after floor cleaning or spills. Order online today.

Jeyes Sanitising Chlorine Tablets dissolve to produce a powerful sterilising solution which kills germs including salmonella, E-Coli and MRSA. These powerful Chlorine based tablets are a safer alternative to liquid bleach as the chlorine tablets dissolve to produce a powerful sterilising solution. 180 tablets per tab. BS EN 1276 and BS EN 1650 Certified Products.

Heavy Duty Beaded Hand Cleaner Our no-nonsense powerful hand cleanser scrubs and degreases to help remove even the toughest dirt and grime. Tough on dirt, kind to skin, it leaves hands feeling clean and hydrated with a refreshing orange fragrance.

Scrubbing Brush High quality scrubbing brush used to remove stubborn marks from hard surfaces. The brush is certified as food safe and is autoclavable.Buy Online today, for fast delivery.

Water based polyurethene & acrylic floor seal for use on internal wood and concrete surfaces.

A high solids metallised polish for extreme strength and durability coupled with ease of removability with non-yellowing cross linked polymer film which will not discolour even the light floor.

Selgiene Extreme is effective against enveloped viruses including coronaviruses. Optimal disinfection for use in healthcare, catering and high-risk applications. Kills Coronavirus, Norovirus, E. Coli, Swine Flu, HIV, Hepatitis C, MRSA & Clostridium difficile. Passes BS EN 1276, 13704, 1650,14476 & 14675.

Offering versatility of on-board storage whilst maintaining a convenient compact design, the SM1415 incorporates a generous 120L lidded waste capacity, twin 6L colour-coded buckets and easy-access, open shelf storage.

Soft Natural Coco Fibre Brush

Sprint Glass Cleaner has been specially formulated to deal quickly and easily with the dirt, grime and dust found on windows, mirrors, glass partitions, glass table tops and similar surfaces throughout any building.

Natural wood sweeping broom, comes in 18"/24" & 36" options. Comes with a 54" wooden handle, with a stabilising bracket. Excellent sturdy broom.

BSEN 1276 5ltr Thick Bleach is perfect for removing stains,cleaning and disinfecting lavatories, urinals and drains. Can be diluted for general disinfection. Its thickened formula clings to surfaces for prolonged cleaning.

Titan liquid sanitiser 6 x 750ml is an unperfumed multi-purpose chlorinated disinfectant. Titan is a chlorine based, concentrated detergent and sanitiser in a handy spray bottle. A quick spray and it cleans and sanitises in one step. It effectively, cleans, disinfects and sanitises a variety of items such as catering equipment, hard surfaces, walls, floors, instruments, chopping boards and glassware. The chlorine release agent is ideal for any situation where bactericidal cleaning action is required. Order online today.

Titan Chlor-Tabs are an accurate and convenient means of making up solutions of known available chlorine strengths for a variety of sanitising tasks. Titan Chlor Tablets offer a one step Hospital Grade Disinfectant Cleaner effective against a wide variety of organisms including Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Escherichia coli, Proteus vulgaris, Staphylococcus aureus. Titan Chlor-Tabs is a chlorinated effervescent tablet which dissolves quickly to make up solutions of known available chlorine strengths for a variety of sanitising and disinfecting tasks.

Jeyes Sanilav Channel water-soluble, biodegradable urinal blocks which will not block outlets. They are detergent-based and long-lasting - up to 30% longer than competitors.

New design, stronger, scissor action sweeper for fast sweeping of larger floor areas. Complete with one pair of blue acrylic sweeper heads. Replacement heads available.

Virucidal and Bactericidal Wipes, that are kind to hands with the presence of aloe vera gel. These wipes not only feel really nice on your skin, they carry the BS EN 1276 accreditation (bacteria kill 99.999% on hard surface) and BS EN 14476 (Virus kill to 99.9999% on hard surface and hands) in a very short time space. These come in both a handy pack of 90, and tubs or 400.

Pleasantly perfumed concentrated all round washroom cleaner. Contains powerful bactericide. Effectively kills bacteria on all hand touch surfaces - taps, toilet flush handles, door handles etc.

Window Cleaner with Vinegar - Professional product for a smear free finish x 750ml

Wooden Handle for Brush/Mop