Protect your lungs from inhaling dust, pollen, and other nasties with our range of professional masks and respirators. Our respirators have adjustable nose clips to ensure extra comfort and security. Order online today.

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Comfortable non valved dust mist respirator with adjustable nose clip.

Biztex valved single use mask, for protection against dust and vapours.

This Dust Mist Dolomite respirator off good all round protection from dust and vapours in the work place.

dolomite Fold Flat Valved Respirator. Fully adjustable.

Cup shaped single use valved dust 7 Mist respirator with adjustable nose clip

FFP2 Valved Dolomite Respirator, providing protection from dust and aerosol vapours.

FFP2 carbon valved respirator mask with excellent fume, dust and vapour protection.

Pack of 10 carbon layer valved FFP2 respirators, effective protection against dust, vapour and odours

Non valve FFP2 fold flat respirator with adjustable nose clip.

Valved Dust Mist Fume Respirator for use in toxic environments with concentrations of up 20 time the WEL

Valved Dolomite Respirator for use in areas exposed to toxic dust and vapours.

Comfortable dual filter half mask. Conforms to EN 140.