Polish, buff and scrub your floors with our floor buffer pads. Available in a variety of colours for colour coded cleaning. Check out our selection below and buy online today.

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Stripping - Heavy duty wet stripping. Colour coded for easy identification.

Cleaning - Moderate scrubbing or heavy spray cleaning14" (More Sizes Available)

Burnishing - Medium-soft pad creates a super gloss shine to floors, for a hand polished look.14" (More Sizes Available)

Fast Stripping. Colour coded for easy identification, for use with machines operating at speeds of 150 to 750 rpm.

Stripping - Heavy duty wet strippingEmerald Floor Pad

Scrubbing - Heavy duty wet stripping14" (More Sizes Available)

Cleaning - Cleans damp, buffs dry for spray cleaning. Removes scuff marks and polishes.14" (More Sizes Available)

Buffing - Dry or spray to remove scuff marks and restore shine.

Polishing - Dry polishing synthetic or natural finishes to high lustre.14" (More Sizes Available)

Burnishing - Moderately soft pad for a softer finish.14" (More Sizes Available)

Burnishing - Natural hair burnishing pad with binder that is hard and aggressive.

Burnishing - Soft-texture pad for dry burnishing and buffing for a high gloss.