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25cm Cocktail Napkins Black

A practical coat available in 5 colours and constructed of pre shrunk fabric with excellent dye retention. Back vent, breast pocket and 2 front pockets.

Pedal Bin with durable steel body for disposal or refuse. Ideal small 3ltr size, Pedal Bins Are Ideal for small or compact areas.

Astral Hygiene's 300mm Combination Floor Nozzle is ideal for Henry Vacuums.

Astral Hygiene's 3-Piece Stainless Steel Tube Set will perfectly fit on to your Henry Vacuums listed below.

500ml Hand Medic Dispenser

50ltr Colour Coded Bins.  Suitable for use in all environments with particular emphasis on kitchens, bathrooms, cleaning cupboards, hospital and areas where infection control is paramount.

Ideal for both adults and kids, these drinking straws are perfect in any beverage, from cocktails to a milkshake. Order online today.

Astral Hygiene supply 9 inch paper plates, great for parties, events or BBQ's. Packed in cases of 1000. Buy online today.

Maximum protection and comfort whilst using a chainsaw.

Acid Brite is a concentrated, low foaming, surfactant-assisted liquid, specially formulated for the cleaning, descaling & sanitising all types of bulk tanks and other equipment in dairy milking parlours. Order online today.

Fast-acting acid-based formulation that descales and removes milkstone. Order online today.