Our laundry cleaning product range includes laundry powder, liquid fabric conditioner, destainer, starch powder and starch liquid. Order your supplies in small quantities or in bulk online today.

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Comfort 10ltr Professional Original Autodosed

Comfort Conditioner for all types of fabric

Conditioner for all types of fabric

Ultimate MRSA & Ecoli Laundry Powder,independently tested and certified to kill the above Viruses10kg

Fabric Conditioner 5ltr

A professional product with professional results! This powder sets itself apart from the pack with its startling performance!

9kgs of Professional Laundry Powder.  Brings all clothing, bedding, towels up clean and fresh.

A liquid Laundry Detergent for use in automatic washing machines to achieve brilliant cleaning for all your clothing and linen. 5ltr

Persil Professional Bio Powder 90 Scoop

Concentrated liquid laundry detergent for on-premise laundries 10ltr

Persil Professional Non-Bio Capules

Persil Professional Concentrate Non Biological5ltr