Protect your floors with our industrial and commercial mops and cleaning supplies. Our range includes Kentucky mops, mop frames and heads and colour coded buckets and handles. Order online today.

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12ltr Mop Bucket, made from toughened plastic available in Red, Blue, Yellow and Green to fall in line with your colour coding system

135cm Colour Coded Stainless Steel Handle.  Astral Hygiene stocks an extra long handle as standard to accomodate any height of user.

Big White Socket Mops, 155gs each, machine washable, Cloth Mops

Flat Mop Frame (40cm) fits to the microfibre head also available from Astral Hygiene, and makes cleaning your floors so easy!

This microfibre Mop Head makes cleaning your floors easy!

Kentucky Multifold Mop 16oz

25ltr Kentucky Mop Bucket with press ringer, which can be used in conjuction with a 16oz or a 12oz Kentucky (also known as wig mop!) Mop.

Kentucky Mop Fitting fits on to the end of both wooden and metal poles, to create a perfect fitting to hold a kentucky mop.

Socket Mop with plastic fitting