Keep your kitchen clean with our professional kitchen cleaning products ideal for commercial and industrial environments. Our range includes degreasers, washing up liquid detergents, floor and oven cleaners, and BS EN 1276 certified cleaning products. Check out our selection below.

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Evans Chlor tablets are fast dissolving and effervescent and provide an effective disinfectant solution that destroys bacteria, fungi, viruses and spores. Passes BS EN 1276. Ideal for a wide range of applications especially in kitchen, food preparation areas and medical establishments.

10ltr Bio Drain Clear and Grease Trap Maintainer.  Biological Liquid, the enzymes digest the fats and grease, and controls any odour.   Allows grease traps to work better, reduces frequency of emptying up to 70%.

Professional dishwash tablets!

Glass, Mirror & Stainless Steel Cleaner - Fast & Effective

Small and compact hard surface disinfection wipes for easy storage and ideal for less heavy-duty cleaning applications.

Heavy Duty Degreaser 5ltr For use in kitchens or washrooms

Salt Water Softening Tablets

Jeyes A8 Auto Dishwash Rinse Aid Automatic rinse aid for use in commercial dishwash machines. Aids quick drying and leaves cutlery and crockery sparkling and streak free.

Lift Heavy duty cleaner degreaser 5ltrPowerful bactericidal multi surface cleaner & degreaser

Removes every day dirt and grease on all types of hard floors. 1ltr Bottle.

A powerful premium detergent for machine dishwashing to remove stubborn soiling with ease.

5ltr Machine Glass Wash Detergent Perfect for pubs, clubs & Restaurants with enclosed glass washing machines, Leaves glasses sparkling clean & streak free