Our range of food safe disinfectants are perfect for use on all food contact surfaces, effective against a wide spectrum of micro-organisms, helping to improve hygiene security. Check out our range below.

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One product to clean and disinfect Cuts through grease and dried-on food soiling. J Flex dilution control system ensures accurate dosing, safety and ease of use. Passes BS EN 1276.

Suma Dis (D4) Disinfectant Suma Dis D4 is a concentrated disinfectant for use on all hard surfaces including food contact surfaces in food premises.

Suma Sol D4.8 is a powder suitable for use on all hard surfaces, equipment and utensils requiring disinfection. Suma Sol D4.8 contains chlorine which has a broad spectrum of activity against micro-organisms. Passed BS EN 1276.

Titan Sanitiser is an unperfumed multi purpose disinfectant/detergent powder for food use. 12 x 500g Shaker Tubs