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Window Cleaning Equipment

ALL Window Cleaning Equipment PRODUCTS
Cobweb and Dust Collector
Heavy duty bristle on a strong and durable wire frame. Fits onto telescopic poles.
Standard handle with rubber grip
Microfibre Wash Sleeves
These sleeves can hold up to eight times their weight in dirt, dust and moisture.
Rawhide Double Squeegee Holster
100% heavy grade leather with studded reinforcement. Complete with belt attachment.
Replacement Rubber Squeegee Blades
90cm (36") soft grade rubber blade Genuine Pulex squeegee rubber, the No.1 choice for professionals.
stainless steel channel and rubber
stainless steel channel and rubber Various Sizes Available
Standard Wash Sleeves
Practical everyday wash sleeves, plush woven synthetic pile offering high water absorbency for fast dirt removal.
Telescopic Poles
Telescopic Poles - Aluminium For high up and awkwardly placed windows
Universal Squeegee Handle
The professional window cleaner's dream-come true! Universal - fits all manufacturers' brands of channel and rubber - with ease.
Window Cleaners Bucket with Lid
Mobile window cleaners bucket with lid and 2" (50mm) castors.
Window Cleaners Hip Bucket
Holds squeegee, various sizes of channel and maintains the window wash applicator wet and ready for use without dripping.
Window Wash Applicator Handle
Dynamic design improves water flow through the sleeve spreading the right amount of liquid onto the glass.