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Vacuum Range From Astral Hygiene Cleaning Supplies

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  • Charles CVC370

    Charles CVC370

    You want a vacuum cleaner that is totally without compromise, be it for wet or dry use, and that's exactly what you get.
  • CRQ370-21


    There is, within many specialized operations, the need for a compact vacuum cleaner that can meet the Clean Room Class 100 specification.
  • George 3 in 1 Vacuum Cleaner

    George 3 in 1 Vacuum Cleaner

    All-in-one vac. offering five cleaning options – dry or wet vacuuming, scrubbing & drying of hard floors, cleaning the carpets and upholstery. Powerful 1200W two stage motor and comprehensive KitA26A.
  • Harry HHR200

    Harry HHR200

    Harry was developed specifically for pet loving people, he has all the features of Henry with the same power and performance, but there are 2 extra pet friendly features.
  • Henry


    Dry vac., available in 4 colours. Powerful 1200W two stage motor with 2-speed hi-lo operation. 10m cable with rewind system. Giant Tritex filters and Microflo dust bags. Comes with Kit A1.
  • Henry Micro HVR200M-21

    Henry Micro HVR200M-21

    Dust related allergies affect between 20% and 30% of the population, especially the very young and the elderly, this is where the Henry Micro comes to the rescue.
  • Henry Xtra HVX200

    Henry Xtra HVX200

    Dry vac. with all of the standard Henry features plus 24volt turbo electric self-adjusting power brush. Particularly useful in carpeted homes where pets are kept.
  • Hetty


    Everyone knows Henry, Europe’s favourite vacuum cleaner with now over six million in use; bringing a smile to those cleaning chores. Henry has now got a friend
  • James JVP180

    James JVP180

    Small dry vac with powerful 1100W motor; unique ‘caddy’ top allowing storage of small tools, duster, polish, etc., also cable when not in use. Replaceable cable, big 8L capacity, standard kit is JV1.
  • MFQ370-21


    When good is not good enough, the certified microfilter machine provides an exceptional 99.95% efficiency standard but totally without loss of convenience and usability.
  • NQS250-21


    After all those years the NQS-250 is better than ever, the all-steel deep-drawn power head incorporates our patented Microtec noise reduction system.
  • NVM 1CH Hepaflow Dust Bags

    NVM 1CH Hepaflow Dust Bags

    Twin wall 2-stage dust bags suitable for Henry, Henry 'Xtra, Henry Hound, Henry Turbo, and James plus all 180 and 200 commercial machines
  • NVQ370-21


    The Q series is built to an exacting professional standard, having gained their outstanding specification from more than 20 years of commercial operation.
  • PPR 370-12

    PPR 370-12

    The ProVac plugged rewind dry vacuum offers a professional, tough and versatile workhorse that is packed full of innovative features and a smile of course!
  • PSP 180 Vacuum Cleaner

    PSP 180 Vacuum Cleaner

    Compact professional plugged vacuum. HepaFlo filtration not only raises performance standards, but also provides for clean and convenient emptying when full.
  • RSV130-11


    When it comes to congested environments there can be no doubt that the practical features of the RSV (Ruc Sac Vac) brings with it great advances in convenience cleaning