V-mix concentrated cleaner

V-Mix Concentrated System

Makes Over 100 Bottles per 1Ltr Bottle

V-mix for concentrated value

 V-mix concentrate range is its powerful cost-in-use punch compared to standard five-litre cleaners. 
V-mix products help customers under pressure to control costs by going that much further for each penny thanks to the amount of diluted cleaner each V-mix bottle produces.

 As concentrates, they’re big on customer value even though they’re small on size - and compared to standard five-litre products they weigh less, are easier to handle and store and more environmentally friendly to transport.
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  • Bactericidal Cleaner 1ltr

    Bactericidal Cleaner 1ltr

    Effective bactericidal cleaning for all catering, healthcare & other hygiene critical areas Achieves EN1276 for High level cleaning.
  • Multi-Purpose Cleaner Concentrate

    Multi-Purpose Cleaner Concentrate

    Fast acting general purpose cleaner for all water washable surfaces. Contains a clean pine fragrance leaving the room with a fresh "just cleaned" atmosphere.
  • Pine Disinfectant Concentrate Cleaner

    Pine Disinfectant Concentrate Cleaner

    Kills smells and malodours, leaves fresh pine atmosphere. Contains a broad spectrum quaternary biocide. As a general disinfectant for floors, walls and drains in hospitals, schools, nursing homes, offices and factories etc. N.B. Do not use in food preparation or serving areas.
  • Washroom Cleaning Concentrate

    Washroom Cleaning Concentrate

    Pleasantly perfumed concentrated all round washroom cleaner. Contains powerful bactericide. Effectively kills bacteria on all hand touch surfaces - taps, toilet flush handles, door handles etc.