TASKI Dorsalino

Highly efficient TASKI backpack vacuum cleaner

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TASKI Dorsalino


TASKI® dorsalino®
Highly efficient backpack vacuum cleaner

The TASKI dorsalino brings you:
Fatigue-free cleaning
Quiet operation
Power & efficiency

Fatigue-free cleaning
The lightweight and ergonomic backpack system, which can be adjusted according to the operators preferences, makes working with the TASKI dorsalino convenient and therefore increases productivity.

Quiet operation
The low sound level makes it comfortable to use, with minimum disturbance to others.

Power & efficiency
The powerful, efficient & durable vacuum motor combined with the various accessories, guarantees excellent results and efficient operation on all types of soft and hard floorings.

TASKI dorsalino is a highly versatile machine which is ideal for cleaning of congested areas such as stairs, theatres,buses, stockrooms, etc. A wide range of accessories are available that can be carried along in the accessory handleable for fast access while working.

Accessories/Additional Parts
Description    SKU Number
Accessory kit with telescopic tube (inc hose & dust nozzle 30 cm)    8504180
Suction hose 2.2 m    8503280
Metal tube, 3 parts    8503980
Universal dust nozzle 30 cm (orange)    8500560
Conical coupling for nozzles    8500430
Dusting brush nozzle    8500510
Radiator nozzle    8500520
Upholstery nozzle    8500540
Crevice nozzle    8500550
Double filter bag (pack of 10)    8504190

Technical specifications

Brand Taski
Condition New


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