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Specialised Cleaners

ALL Specialised Cleaners PRODUCTS
Anti Static Cleaner
Ready to use VDU anti static cleaner.
Bio Trap
Biological drain and grease trap opener - for use through a timed dispenser
Biological Drain Solution
Drain Solution improves flow rates and prevents odours in your pipes.
Caustic Plant, Drain and Oven Cleaner
5ltr Plant, Drain and Oven Cleaner which effectively removes baked on fat, and shortenings from ovens and ranges.  Powerful chemical compound dissolves blockages and fat from drains and grease traps.  Ideal food plant cleaner for use manually with drains, perfect for dissolving grease and fats from ovens and ranges.  
Chlor Tabs
Evans Effervescent Chlorine Tablets are suitable for general cleaning, disinfecting and washing vegetables.
Evans Drain Clear
10ltr Bio Drain Clear and Grease Trap Maintainer.  Biological Liquid, the enzymes digest the fats and grease, and controls any odour.   Allows grease traps to work better, reduces frequency of emptying up to 70%.
Graffiti Remover
For the removal of felt tip, ball point pen, crayon, lipstick and ink 400ml Aerosol
Hard Surfaces Disinfection Wipes
Strong, white, disinfection wet wipes suitable for use on hard surfaces and equipment
Reosan Biocidal HD Cleaner
Smells like bubble gum and TCP, we love this at Astral Hygiene!
Selfreez Chewing Gum Remover
Chewing Gum Removal 300ml Aerosol
Sta-Kill Biocidal Cleaner and Deodoriser
Sta-Kill is formulated with a combination of powerful non oxidising biocides that have proven efficacy against a wide range of bacteria, fungi, algae and enveloped viruses.