SHIFT 25ltr

Livestock Protection Power wash liquid 25ltr

Product information


Heavy Duty Power Wash Liquid
  • Heavy duty, bactericidal, detergent cleaner
  • Rapidly penetrates and removes organic soiling
  • Suitable for cleaning buildings, vehicles and equipment
  • For use with pressure washers


A powerful, heavy duty, detergent cleaner, which can be used through all types of high or low pressure washers, whether using hot or cold water. Suitable for cleaning floors, walls & ceilings of all types of livestock housing, fixed equipment & vehicles, it is essential for achieving maximum efficiency & ensuring speed & thoroughness in the removal of organic build up on all surfaces. This high quality product contains surface active agents for the deepest penetration of residues & alkaline detergents for rapid disposal of organic matter. It mixes readily with water, is free rinsing & safe to use on most surfaces.

Features & Benefits

Powerful, heavy duty, detergent cleaner

 Safe & very economical in use

 Suitable for all livestock housing

 Ideal for all types of pressure washers

 Rapid removal of organic soiling

 Mixes readily with water

 Can be used for foam cleaning

How to Use

For heavy soiling: Dilute 1:250 parts hot or cold water

For light soiling: Dilute 1:500 parts hot or cold water

For foam cleaning: Dilute 1:150 parts hot or cold water

Apply solution through a steam cleaner or power washer & cover the entire surfaces to be cleaned. Allow to soak in for a minimum of 15 minutes to effect maximum penetration & soil removal.

Continue to pressure wash all areas, paying particular attention to corners, cracks & the underside of fixed equipment.

If product is required to use as a foam, dilute with water & apply with compressed air or high pressure water foam generating equipment. Allow 15 minutes contact time before rinsing away with clean water.

Where disinfectant is to be subsequently used, allow areas to dry. (see Evans Disinfection Programme for further details).

Technical specifications

Brand Evans
Condition New


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