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Sacks And Bin Liners

A selection of black sacks, and bin liners in different grades and sizes.

Welcome to our range of Black Refuse Sacks ranging from Light Duty to Heavy Duty offering a wide range of Bin liners to meet your Refuse Sack requirements.  We offer various Refuse Bag sizes, but if you cannot find what you are looking for, please contact us . All of our range is provided with thickness, weight capacity and dimensions to insure you purchase the product that meets your requirements. All of our Refuse Sacks are manufactured in the UK and tested to CHSA standards to insure that all our refuse sacks are high quality.

Black Refuse Sacks
Medium, Heavy, and Extra Heavy Density Black Refuse Sacks
Clear Refuse Sacks
Clear Refuse Sacks Are Ideal for the disposal of heavy or wet refuse, these strong bags won't easily split or puncture. Great For Recycling.
Pedal And Swing Bin Liners
High Quality Pedal, Square and Swing Bin Liners. Fantastic Everyday Value
Wheelie Bin Liners & Compactor Sacks
High Quality And High Density Compactor and Wheelie Bin Liners