Protect your lungs from inhaling dust, pollen, and other nasties with our range of industrial masks and respirators. Our respirators have adjustable nose clips to ensure extra comfort and security. Choose between our selection of disposable dust masks or full face respirators.

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Economical Half Mask with low profile design providing a large field of vision. Manufactured from a durable yet soft non allergic TPE material which provides an excellent fit. Need it fast? Order today for priority courier delivery, next day in most UK locations.

P100 - FFP1 Dust Mist Respirator - Pack of 20. Comfortable non valved dust mist respirator with adjustable nose clip. This product conforms to EN 149 FFP1 NR. Standard 24 hour delivery in UK Mainland.

P153 - FFP1 Valved Dolomite Fold Flat Respirator - Pack of 20. This Biztex respirator is valved for reduced breath resistance in multiple work environments. This mask offers protection from dust and vapour from oil, solid and water based aerosols. Fast UK Mainland Delviery as Standard.

P201 - FFP2 Valved Dust Mist Respirator - Pack of 10. The valve allows lighter breathing and the adjustable nose clip aids comfort and security, making this a good option for periods of long use. This product conforms to EN 149 FFP2 NR. Fast UK Mainland Delivery as Standard.

FFP2 Valved Dolomite Respirator, providing protection from dust and aerosol vapours. This FFP2 valved dolomite respirator from Portwest has an adjustable nose clip offering all day comfort and a secure fit.  The integrated valve reduces breath resistance and protects against dust and low level toxicity solid and liquid aerosols.  Fast UK Mainland Delivery as Standard.

P220 - Carbon Valved Dust Mist Fume Respirator - Pack of 10. This carbon single use valved respirator mask provides up to 10 time the WEL against fumes, toxic fine dusts, and water based mists. Fast UK Mainland Delivery Available as Standard so order yours today!

P223 - FFP2 Carbon Valved Dolomite Respirator. Disposable mask with comfortable cup shape. Exhalation valve for lighter breathing resistance. Adjustable nose clip for optimised fit. DOLOMITE optional clogging test. Added carbon layer to absorb nuisance odours. Fast Delivery as Standard. Order Online Today!

P250 - FFP2 Dust Mist Fold Flat Respirator - Pack of 20. This fold flat respirator mask from Portwest offers good protection against lightly toxic dust and vapour with in the workplace. Fast UK Mainland Delivery as Standard.

The mask is designed for long periods of wear with comfort features including an adjustable nose clip and wide elastics.  The valve provides reduced breath resistance, which increased the wear tolerance.  Conforms to EN 149 FFP3 NR. 24 hour UK Mainland Delivery as Standard.

Valved Dolomite Respirator for use in areas exposed to toxic dust and vapours. The valve allows lower breath resistance and the nose clip adjusts to give a snug fit, leading to a more comfortable wear experience.  24hr delivery in mainland UK as standard.

This half mask has a dual filter connection allowing for a better field of vision and better weight distribution.  It is flexible and durable and the head harness reduces facial pressure providing excellent comfort. This product conforms to EN 140. 24 hr delivery in UK mainland as standard.

Premium quality Half Mask manufactured from high quality silicone for exceptional fit and comfort. The support harness is attached to the rigid body of the mask. Therefore it does not mark the users face and ensures a more uniform fit. 24 hour delivery across the UK Mainland as Standard.