We stock a wide selection of PPE work boots which offer the best protection for your feet. Safe and secure, these are the ultimate in foot protection as they are designed to be used in a range of heavy duty environments.

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FW57 - Steelite All Weather Boot

Strong comfortable boot with built in toe cap and mid sole protection and anti slip sole.

The metallic boot offers outstanding lightweight protection for your feet even in wet conditions with a waterproof and breathable lining.

Quality Nubuck Operis boot with compositelite toe cap and mid sole. Water resistant and shock absorbing.

Excellent light protection boot with toe protection, dual density sole and energy absorbing hell.

Combining comfort, ankle support, unrivalled anti slip properties and the finest materials and components the TractionLite Safety boot is a revelation in footwear construction.

FD02 - Compositelite Traction 7 inch Safety Boot

A good all round boot in classic black provides safety, comfort and support.

The high leg, fur lined version of Portwests best selling safety boot.  It is fur lined for added warmth and comfort, meaning this boot can be worn in cold conditions.

Durable rigger boot is both versatile and comfortable.  The steel toe caps and midsole provide extra protection whilst the fur lining means a comfortable piece of foot gear.

Occupational welt goodyear style boot, has a padded collat for close fit comfort with hexagonal eyelets for stylish design.

This leather safety boot from Portwest has an air cushion and an energy absorbing heel to provide the wearer with all day comfort while the padded collar protects the ankle area.