Keep your hearing and face safe in the workplace with Ear & Face Protection from your Portwest Distributor Astral Hygiene. Whether you need noise cancelling ear plugs, head muffs or face shields, we have the products for you. Check out our range below.

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Hi Vis clip-on ear protector, compatible with helmets PW50, PW51 & PW57.

Hi Vis ear protector suitable for high safety areas. Compatible with PW53, PW54 & PW55

Polycarbonate face shield, designed for use with Ultra Vista goggle PW24 & PW25.

Lightweight, compact ear protector suitable for prolonged wear, with multi positional headband.

classic clip-on ear protector, compatible with PW50, PW51 & PW55 helmets.

Ultra lightweight ear protectors, with cushioned ear muffs and robust ABS shells. Fully adjustable for a secure fit.

High performance ear muffs with POM headband and soft PVC faux leather muffs.

Electronic ear protectors automatically compress harmful impulses and continuous noise. Built in volume and batteries included.

This Clip - on ear protector is easy to use and compatible with helmets PS53, PW54 & PW55. Can be used in the stand off position when not in use. Excellent attenuation level. Conforms to EN 352-3.

Classic Plus Ear Muff, lightweight and flexible ideal for prolonged use.

Excellent PPE protection for times when a helmet is not required. Compatible with PW48

Browguard with integrated clear visor, made from impact resistant materials. Full face protection for a range of environments.