Keep your sight safe with our extensive range of safety glasses and goggles. Ideal for use in welding, grinding and other hazardous environments. Check out our selection below.

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Lens towelettes, anti static, anti fog, supplied in dispenser with wall mount.

Portwest lens cleaning station, suitable for all lens types. Keeps lenses sparkling and reduces lens wear.

Adjustable elastic spectacle cord suitable for a large range of spectacles.

Drawstring microfiber spectacle bag.

Drawstring microfiber pouch for safety goggles.

The Levo spectacle are hybrid spectacles, supplied with a foam seal and adjustable head strap to give the fit of goggles. Choice of lens.

Metal frame safety glasses. Stylish and functional.

Dual lens polarised spectacles offering 99% uv light protection.

Direct vented goggles for tough work environments. Provide maximum eye protection in a range of hazardous environments.

These traditional googles have indirect vents and provide excellent eye protection in a wide range of hazardous environments.

Premium quality goggle providing panoramic vision and excellent protection. Compatible with PW24 shield.

Premium quality unvented goggle providing excellent protection from dust and liquid particles.