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Omnicide Disinfectant

OMNICIDE - THE DEFRA approved disinfectant to kill Avian In fluenza

A broad spectrum animal health disinfectant. Effective against a wide range of bacteria, fungi and viruses including Gumboro Disease.
Omnicide Disinfectant is approved for use against Newcastle Disease, Swine Vesicular Disease and Mycoplasma.

OMNICIDE with its prodigious reputation is the favourite brand for the animal health sector and can be used as part of a Hygiene programme. OMNICIDE is proven to be VIRUCIDAL,BACTERICIDAL and FUNGICIDAL.

Omnicide Disinfectant can be used in the following sectors:


Pack Size 1 x 5ltr

The Government advise from Dr Debby Reynolds said "The highest standards of bio standards should be provided" BBC news 24 27/04/06. This is a clear directive for all poultry farmers is to increase their use of bio protection in light of the new out break in East Anglia. Omnicide is a DEFRA approved disinfectant proven to kill Avian influenza and availabble for immediate delivery from Coventry Chemicals. Technical advise and supporting documentation can also be provided.

During the 2001 Foot and Mouth outbreak, OMNICIDE DISIFECTANT played a major part in stopping the spread of the disease. The product also has DEFRA approval for AVIAN INFLUENZA and reccomends in the event of an outbreak the product is used at the diseases of poultry dilution of 1-150 parts. Full details and test data can be obtained by contacting customers services at Coventry Chemicals.

Omnicide Disenfectant is sold throughout the world and its success is very much linked to the Initial discovery by Lister in 1867 who used carbolic acids on wounds. Since then disinfection has evolved from Carbolic fluids to bleaches, chlorophenolics and many more modern products.

In 1986 work commenced on a different approach to produce a disinfectant which would inactivate hydrophilic viruses such as PARVOVIRUS. The product also sought to combine the advantages QUATERNARY AMMONIUM COMPOUNDS with those of GLUTARALDEHYDE. The result was the production of a new disinfectant known as PARVOCIDE which was tested at various international institutions.
Coventry Chemicals changed the product name to OMNICIDE as the tests began to prove the product has a wide spectrum of kill and with kill rates far superior to most other disinfectants.

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