Powder Circulation Cleaner 20kg

Product information

Powder Circulation Cleaner
  • A sophisticated, chlorinated, caustic formulation
  • Effective sequestrant system for all water hardnesses
  • Contains metasilicates for better fat removal
  • Powerful but kinder to rubbers


A powder circulation cleaner & bulk tank cleaner, removes milk residues efficiently in all milking parlours & pipelines. It dissolves easily & is ideal for use in hard or soft water. It defats & protects rubbers & helps prevent milkstone build up. The 20 kilo bucket is sufficient to make nearly 5500 litres of working solutions & it is suitable for use as a cleaner for bulk tanks.

Features & Benefits

Dissolves easily & rinses freely

• Effective in hard or soft water

• Defats & protects rubbers

• Multi purpose usage

• Contains 29 % w/w minimum Sodium Hydroxide & 4 % w/w minimum available Chlorine

How to Use


Immediately after milking has finished, remove all dirt from clusters, tubes & jetters & thoroughly rinse plant through with clean, cold water & run to waste. Make up a solution at a rate of 150g to 40 litres (6oz. to 10 gallons) of hot water (82°C /180°F), while stirring the solution. Draw into plant allowing some solution to run to waste until the solution is discharging hot (at least 50°C) from the return line, then set the return line for circulation & continue circulating for 10 minutes & then run to waste. Rinse plant thoroughly with clean, cold water & allow to drain.


For automatic & hand operated tank spray cleaning equipment, the instructions of the manufacturer should be followed.

Automatically cleaned tanks should be manually cleaned at least once every month. In the case of tanks with manhole access, the tank should be inspected at least once a week. If problems arise, the manufacturers of the automatic cleaning equipment should be consulted.

Technical specifications

Brand Evans
Condition New


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